Jan 24, 2022
By Kate Camerlin
Solution Overviews

What Is Connected Workplace for Retail?

Despite the rise of e-commerce over the last few years, physical locations are still incredibly important to many retailers’ bottom lines.

This means that retailers must ensure they’re providing positive in-store and workplace experiences to consumers and employees to manage their brand image, attract and reengage customers, and retain talent. Plus, creating positive brand experiences in your stores can boost online engagement and sales.

Nuvolo Connected Workplace is the only true IWMS and CMMS solution Built on NOW™. This enables you to leverage your investment in ServiceNow and use Nuvolo to extend the platform to other business functions, connecting IT, Facilities, Space, Real Estate, and Project Management all from one solution.

Improve Operations and Employee Efficiency

If you’ve ever been to a store and given up on your purchase because the registers were down, equipment wasn’t operational, or the environment wasn’t comfortable, you know how important it is to have an effective facilities management system in place.

Manage Assets and Work Orders

The Nuvolo Maintenance solution helps you track, manage, and measure your facilities and maintenance processes. Instead of tracking all assets (such as coffee machines or lighting) in separately maintained spreadsheets or other applications, facilities teams get a much more comprehensive view into the lifecycle of their equipment when they use the asset management platform in Nuvolo.

With all information in one place, you gain insights into the work history of your assets across both individual retail locations along with your corporate spaces. You can monitor maintenance schedules and plan for equipment updates or replacements.


With Nuvolo, you can use the cloud-based platform to manage work requests and automate routine tasks. For example, you can create auto-generated work orders, so when employees enter a ticket, it gets routed to the right technician.

This is vital, as it means you don’t have to manually assign tickets, ensuring equipment is fixed more quickly. By automating these processes, store managers don’t have to focus on the small details. They can instead focus on the customers.

Track, Manage, and Measure Vendors

When managing third-party vendors, do you ensure that they are all meeting their SLAs and agreed-upon KPIs?

This is important, as loss in service could lead to loss in revenue. If your contractors are breaching SLAs, and assets (such as in-store systems or machines) aren’t functioning, that can impact sales and damage your brand.

Connected Workplace streamlines the way you work with and manage your vendors.

Because all vendor data and work orders are part of the same service management platform, you get real-time visibility into performance and can automatically generate reports.

Plus, whether it’s janitorial services, supply contractors, or asset technicians, all vendors use the same platform as your other employees.

When all your vendor data is in one place, you can process invoices efficiently, negotiate renewals, and reference service level agreement terms. You get insight into the performance of all your contractors alongside other key business data, so you can make more informed, data-driven decisions about your vendors in the future.

Optimize Space and Workplace Reservations

Most large retailers require multiple corporate office spaces for their administration, research, customer services, and other functions. Well-managed offices help ensure employees are able to do their best work.

The Nuvolo Space solution helps you improve your employees’ workplace experience by making it easier to redesign office layouts, reserve spaces, and more.

For example, you can directly integrate visual floorplans via AutoCAD, then use a simple drag-and-drop feature to re-design them. You can perform blocking and stacking to plan department or team moves. Connected Workplace then lets you execute those changes directly by automatically generating work orders to change floor layouts.


Plus, the reservation feature makes it easy for employees to reserve desks or meeting rooms directly from their desktops or mobile devices—allowing them to make the most of their time in the office.

Automate Real Estate Management and Leasing

Retailers are increasingly seeking out more flexible lease arrangements to ensure they remain adaptable to changing business requirements (such as moving, expanding, or consolidating locations).

However, this also introduces several problems: the shorter the lease, the more regular documentation for renewals and contracts you need.

If you operate using manually maintained spreadsheets, you can miss important deadlines or other critical information.

With the Nuvolo Real Estate solution, you can generate alerts using advanced scheduling and automated assignment rules, so you’ll never forget a payment or a critical due date. You can easily keep track of all the details of your complex lease contracts like expenses, lease adjustments, monthly rent, and insurance, while also staying compliant with IFRS16 / FASB Lease Accounting Standards.

Complete Projects On Time and On Budget

When you need to make wide-reaching changes across multiple locations, you can use the Nuvolo Projects solution.

Nuvolo makes it much easier to run reports, create Gantt charts for total visibility of every project, develop dashboards, perform cash flow analysis, and much more.

The Projects solution connects to your business operations data, meaning that data is consistent between team members, departments, functions, and business units.

When all this critical information resides in the same platform, you can drill down into the details and be confident in your ability to answer tough questions. You can make more strategic decisions and ensure you’re keeping critical projects on track and on time.

Meet Your Sustainability Goals

Consumers are increasingly prioritizing shopping at organizations that have sustainability initiatives in place.

With the Nuvolo Sustainability solution, you can track energy data associated with your portfolio, including the energy usage of your stores. You can evaluate changes and monitor store footprint data, making it easier to prioritize projects such as updating inefficient HVAC systems or installing different lighting.

You can also set thresholds for alerts and look at spikes in usage, helping manage energy costs across multiple locations.

Protect Revenue-Generating Assets from Cyber Threats

It’s more important than ever to secure your network-connected, non-IT devices against cyber-attacks.

Increasingly, hackers have been able to obtain access to these kinds of operational technology (OT) devices, causing shutdowns and other issues. OT devices include HVAC systems, cameras, revenue-generating assets, sensors, and other crucial technology.

The Nuvolo OT Security solution ensures your connected OT devices are safe, accessible, and available at all times.

Connecting People, Places, and Processes

Connected Workplace supports your facilities and real estate teams’ digital transformation, so you can focus on elevating your brand and creating excellent employee and customer experiences.

Nuvolo is the only complete CMMS and IWMS solution built on ServiceNow. By connecting all your business data in one place, you can not only improve operations, customer experience, and employee satisfaction, but the insights you gain can also be used to inform your organization’s real estate strategy. You can more easily see what’s happening across your organization and make informed decisions about your business.