OT Security

Ensure the safety, accessibility and availability
of your operational technology or OT


Our OT Security solution enables rapid device remediation against threats and vulnerabilities

With automated workflows, we expedite your cyber security response
ensuring your devices are safe at all times.

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    Single device inventory integrates with discovery and security monitoring tools to orchestrate remediation of cyber security events

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    Rules based workflows identify and correlate all affected devices with vulnerabilities or cyber security events

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    Automatically coordinate remediation work across your support teams to resolve issues quickly

What Our Customers Are Saying

With Nuvolo OT Security we have a shared view into affected OT devices, the device owner including the location where it was last maintained, and software versions. Most importantly, Nuvolo initiates a workflow to orchestrate an automated response to dispatch a technician to correct an affected device"

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You can be sure your connected OT devices
are safe, accessible and available at all times

How do we do it? It's simple. We enable coordination between departments to ensure everyone always has the correct data to mitigate threats and vulnerabilities

One OT device inventory is acting as the source of all your OT device information

Your OT device inventory is fully integrated with your discovery and security monitoring tools

Automated identification shows OT devices affected by any vulnerabilities or security events

You now have one orchestrated response workflow to resolve threats and vulnerabilities

What is Your OT Security Maturity Level?

Ensuring the safety, accessibility, and availability of OT devices is a top priority. You will achieve different levels of device security maturity using various approaches.
Where does your OT security model fall on the scale?

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Technology Partners

  • Asimily
  • Cynerio
  • MediGate
  • Ordr
  • paloalto
  • Servicenow

Customizable Reporting

Identify affected devices based on specific criteria you create

Asset Monitoring

Track unknown devices connected to the network over time

Security Event Tracking

Monitor trends for security risks

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