Connected Workplace for Education

Keep Your Campus Running Smoothly

Maximize asset performance, operations, and student experience in a single solution that spans:

  • Operations and maintenance management
  • Construction and capital planning projects
  • Space management
  • Sustainability initiatives

Connect Facilities, Housing, Campus Services, and More

Reduce your tech stack and gain better insights into your operations by consolidating your campus management systems.

  • Optimize Facilities Operations
    Optimize Facilities Operations

    Track all of your assets and develop comprehensive preventive and corrective maintenance plans

  • Make Space Decisions With Confidence
    Make Space Decisions With Confidence

    Get real-time insights into how departments are using your spaces, and better track chargebacks to determine space priorities

  • Streamline Capital Planning Initiatives
    Streamline Capital Planning Initiatives

    Manage your facility condition assessment process, create capital plan scenarios, and seamlessly create project plans

Improve the Way Your Manage Your Campus

Reduce costs and ensure your campus keeps pace with students’ learning expectations. See how in this short video.

The Connected Campus

Whether you’re a large university or a mid-sized institution, we can help you connect all your people, processes, and spaces across your campus.

Extend Building and Asset Life 

Improve asset health and campus facility condition index scores by giving your staff the ability to capture all relevant information in one mobile-friendly platform. Develop maintenance programs that address facility deficiencies and extend asset life. 

Make Empowered Space Decisions

Make space decisions more confidently using reliable space survey data that crowdsources real-time metrics from department heads and principal investigators. Easily forecast and plan space allocation across your campus. 

Proactively Plan For Capital Projects

Track capital needs using condition assessments or lifecycle replacement analyses. Create capital plan scenarios to address these needs and easily manage prioritization and funding. Track the progress as you go.

A Solution for K-12 Schools

K-12 schools have different requirements. That’s why we provide a smaller-scale, easy-to-implement solution that offers our core Facilities Maintenance product functionality, including asset management, work order ticketing, and more.

We’re Built on ServiceNow

Being built on ServiceNow allows you to extend your existing investment into other lines of business and manage your campus with one solution.

See It In Action

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