Connected WorkplaceTM

We use innovation in the cloud to help organizations fully connect their workplace, empowering everyone to do their very best work.

What is the Connected Workplace?
What is Connected Workplace?

The Connected Workplace is all employees, physical locations, assets, and business services, all aspects of enterprise service management for an organization, residing on one platform. It encompasses all the components required for an organization to plan, deliver, operate and control enterprise services offered to their employees and customers.

  • Connected Workplace

    At the center of the Connected Workplace is the

    'customer experience'

  • The customer

    The customer can be your employee, field technician, IT helpdesk, or any person requesting or providing services within the organization.


What are the Benefits of a Connected Workplace?

  • Modern, easy to use solution

    All customer service requests go through one modern, easy to use solution.

  • One platform, making collaboration among departments seamless

    All request processing is carried out on one platform, making collaboration among departments seamless.

  • Orchestrated workflows

    Orchestrated workflows can be designed to follow a logical process of tasks.

  • Departmental requests are handled on one collaborative system

    Facilities, IT, HR, Payroll, Merchandising, Logistics, and Network Operations all handle departmental requests on a single collaborative system.

  • Each department can see the current status

    Each department can see the current status, what's next in the process and collaborate directly across teams from a single platform.

Connected Workplace,
Built on NOW

By extending the NOW platform into other business areas, organizations can deliver a fully Connected Workplace to their customers and employees. Let's take a look at the solutions that make up the Connected Workplace.

Let’s explore each solution in Connected Workplace


It’s becoming more challenging for facilities managers to keep their workplace modern, comfortable, and operating efficiently. Facilities management teams are supporting aging assets and outdated infrastructures all while managing more complex, intelligent connected devices. If you’re in facilities, you’re being asked to do more with less. You’re most likely dealing with a shortage of skilled labor and diminished operational budgets. We can help.

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There is a large focus on the ability to manage physical workspace at this moment in time. Space Reservation, Wayfinding, AutoCAD Extension, Space Editing, Space Planning, and Move Management are all possible as part of Space, and our years of innovation have positioned us as a leader in this area. Plus, having the ability to connect into your facilities maintenance solution will allow for greater data sharing and cross-collaboration.

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More than 83% of executives agree that their service department plays a strategic role in the overall business. Your field services team is the face of your organization. You need to ensure they deliver excellent service in every customer interaction. Effectively managing a team of field service technicians is complex. It involves managing work order scheduling and dispatching with accuracy.

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New construction and renovation projects require collaboration with finance, vendor management, and facilities departments, among others. So why are companies still using construction management software that isn’t connected to their enterprise management solutions? The real value of Capital project software is in analyzing the data. Without a connected solution, you’re missing out on real-time business intelligence that drives on time project completion and savings.

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Real Estate

Corporate Real Estate (CRE) professionals are the stewards of the facilities enterprise portfolio. Whether it’s buildings, land, labs, parking lots or warehouses, it’s crucial to know what properties you have and how they’re being used. Properly managing the corporate real estate portfolio is complex and important. CRE departments need a modern platform to manage and track the lifecycle of leases. And, they need lease management software that is part of an overall enterprise solution, giving them the data to become true workplace strategists.

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Corporations are building sustainability into their business strategies. They are stepping up green initiatives; aspiring to improve the quality of our workplaces while heeding the call to be environmentally responsible. They are analyzing emissions to improve air quality, improving energy performance to lessen the demand on the electric grid, reducing waste where they can, and measuring water consumption. Today’s corporations need a way to collaborate easily across departments, and locations. They need a platform that shares data across buildings, assets and departments.

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OT Cyber Security

Network-connected devices are one of the largest and most vulnerable attack surfaces. With the increase of smart, connected devices, Cyber Security for operational technology or OT is a key focus area for facilities management teams. Simply knowing where devices are located in your facility, critical model identifiers, firmware, network attributes and software versions – information critical to securing them from cyber-attacks – is often an overwhelming challenge. There is a better way to take control of your OT Cyber Security.

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What Industries Benefit from a Connected Workplace?

Every industry benefits from workplace services as part of a connected platform. Find out more about your industry.
  • Healthcare

    Replace multiple legacy applications and significantly improve your Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) and Facilities team.

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  • Retail

    You care about the experience you bring to your employees and customers. That starts behind the scenes.

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  • Government

    Driving efficiency through your organization will give you back time to do what you do best… serve and protect​.

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  • Higher Ed
    Higher Ed

    Keep up with the modern day needs of the connected generation.

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  • Life Sciences
    Life Sciences

    Ensuring high quality maintenance for GxP and non GxP environments is critical for the success of your lab.

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  • Technology

    Smart Technology for Smart Buildings. Workplace management for digital pioneers.

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  • Financial Services
    Financial Services

    Having a view into how your business runs allows for informed decision making, positively impacting the customer experience.

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  • Enterprise

    Add power to facilities and space management with one platform running it all.

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