Nuvolo Connected WorkplaceTM

A single cloud-based solution that connects all people, places, and processes across your organization—empowering everyone to do their best work.

What is the Connected Workplace?
What is Nuvolo Connected Workplace?

The Connected Workplace brings together all employees, physical locations, assets, and business services on one platform. It includes everything you need to plan, deliver, operate, measure, and control enterprise operations for your business.

  • Connected Workplace

    At the center of the Connected Workplace
    is the customer experience

  • The customer

    The customer can be your employee, field technician, IT helpdesk, or any person requesting or providing services within the organization.


Benefits of a Connected Workplace

  • One platform, making collaboration among departments seamless

    Manage all your enterprise data and visualize key metrics using robust reporting tools.

  • Each department can see the current status

    Collaborate seamlessly on one platform across departments.

  • Modern, easy to use solution

    Design and orchestrate workflows to execute necessary tasks.

  • Orchestrated workflows

    Bring together all key functions of Facilities, IT, HR, Payroll, Merchandising, Logistics, and Network in a single interface.

  • Departmental requests are handled on one collaborative system

    Manage cross-departmental projects from kickoff to conclusion within the same platform.

Connected Workplace,
Built on NOW

Nuvolo Connected Workplace is natively built on ServiceNow. By extending the NOW platform across business areas, you can easily automate enterprise-wide processes and capture more actionable data. Let's take a look.

Explore Each Solution in Connected Workplace

OT Security

It’s more important than ever to secure your network-connected, non-IT devices against cyber-attacks that can shut down operations. The Nuvolo OT Security solution ensures your connected operational technology (OT) devices are safe, accessible and available at all times.

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Facilities maintenance teams face numerous challenges, from supporting aging assets and infrastructure to managing network-connected devices. Our solution enables you to connect equipment data, work orders, automated workflows, and much more to handle it all in one mobile-friendly platform.

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Easily design workspaces, plan employee moves, and enable desk and space reservation using interactive floorplans at every step. Plus, use real-time analytics to see how your spaces are being used and make future decisions based on data.

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Real Estate

Manage your real estate portfolio from a single platform. Track leases and contracts, watch for key dates, automate payments, and much more. You can even integrate the Maintenance and Space solutions to gather and analyze equipment and usage data over time.

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With the Projects solution, you can run your construction and renovation projects within the Connected Workplace. Data is consistent between facilities, vendors, finance, and other teams. You have access to real-time business analytics and can be sure jobs are getting done on time and within budget.

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Enable your vendors to be trusted members of your team by empowering them to use the same platform as the rest of your organization. This provides a complete view into what’s happening in your facilities, and it enables you to catch redundancies, monitor maintenance work, and make data-driven decisions.

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Meet your sustainability goals using data in one connected platform. Gather and track key insights about your energy usage, water consumption, waste production, and carbon footprint to get a holistic picture of how your facilities are performing.

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Connected Workplace Across Industries

The Connected Workplace isn't industry-specific. Whether you're working in a major healthcare system, convenience store franchise, tech company, or any other market, we can help you fully connect your employees, spaces, assets, and business services in one platform.