Oct 12, 2020
By Leslie O'Connell
Solution Overviews

Maintenance in the Connected Workplace

Increase the efficiency and productivity of your technicians and equipment.

Effective facilities management is becoming more complex and more important. Facilities teams support smarter buildings with smarter devices, all while maintaining our more traditional buildings and equipment.

To keep our buildings and campuses operating at peak performance, they deal with labor, trades, safety, compliance, and finite operation budgets. Your facilities teams maintain equipment and operations with proactive and reactive maintenance planning. Their hard work ensures smooth business operations and keen data insights.

To keep up with technology and real estate changes, they need a modern software platform.

Nuvolo maintenance is the modern, mobile, connected platform that improves and streamlines daily facilities operations.

Manage all work orders, devices, and maintenance activity on one connected workplace platform shared across departments. Transform your facilities operations into an efficient and forward-thinking business unit.

Key Functionality

Maintenance Requests – Submit any service request and keep track of that request through our mobile app or online portal. Most of the portal information is pre-populated; you don’t need to know or find out all the details. Describe your problem, fill out a few other fields; the system will route the request to the right queue.

Device Inventory and Management – Reliable and consistent tracking of all critical facility devices is the foundation of a good maintenance program. Inventory, maintain, and track all your devices across all your facilities on one platform.

No matter what technician or department works on a device, they use our mobile app to update and report on their equipment maintenance activity, resulting in impeccable accurate device service history.

Work Order Management

Using a rules-based recommendation engine on a robust mobile application, Nuvolo provides clear prioritization, easy engagement, and efficient completion of work orders.

Corrective Maintenance – Work is done faster on a shared platform. Our mobile app has interactive floor plans for easy navigation to any location and asset.

Technicians complete their assigned work, submit invoices, and can track their performance. They have instant access to service manuals, knowledge bases, spare parts inventory, training videos, and more.

Preventive Maintenance – When equipment and location data is captured on one platform, you can create smart dispatching. Smart dispatching uses workflows and business rules to automate and automatically route work orders to the right person at the right time.

Use smart dispatching to automated preventive device management programs. Work orders can auto-run and automatically be assigned based on the due date, location, certifications, device performance, etc.

Predictive Maintenance – Use historical equipment data to create predictive maintenance dashboards.

Realize savings by proactively replacing equipment before breakdowns, figuring out what assets need more preventative maintenance, or what device model performs better across your organization.

Stay ahead of breakdowns and costly emergency replacements through business intelligence.

Warehouse Management

Nuvolo Warehouse can help streamline and accelerate your stock and parts inventory management activities. Use Nuvolo to perform parts inventory audits for maintenance trucks, stockrooms, and warehouses, down to the aisles, shelves, and bins.

Accurately take inventory counts, fulfill picking requests, and manage transfers between locations. Enable automated replenishment workflow when inventory counts reach a pre-configured threshold.

Field Service Management

Keep up with the demands of your mobile workforce. Quickly dispatch & schedule technicians to customer locations for equipment maintenance. Enable smart dispatch routing to ensure the right qualified technician is assigned to the customer. Easily track skills, tasks, assets, hours, service levels, vehicles, parts, etc.

Vendor Management

Share the platform with your vendors. Having your internal and external technicians working from the same platform captures all equipment work history in real-time and results in overall better vendor management. Your vendors will be more efficient, your equipment work order history will be accurate, and your data will be incredibly useful.

Inspection Rounds

Assign your staff digital checklists for performing periodic inspection tasks, such as safety equipment inspection or custodial rounds. If a checklist item fails, they can submit a corrective work order in real-time from our mobile app.


Key Maintenance Features:

  • Mobile Access for Field Service Management (FSM) — Provide your facilities engineers a simple, user-friendly mobile experience, with or without connectivity.
  • Vendor Oversight and Accountability — Track vendor activity, performance service levels, and automate invoices. Compare Vendor Contracts against performance metrics.
  • Asset Lifecycle Management— Gain full visibility into your asset inventory, from performance maintenance to service history.
  • Intelligent Dispatch Routing — Use geolocation mapping and equipment skills matching to dispatch the right qualified technician for corrective maintenance work intelligently.
  • Warehouse Inventory Management — perform parts inventory audits for maintenance trucks, stockrooms, and warehouses, down to the aisles, shelves, and bins.
  • Reporting – Connecting all maintenance management data means your facilities team can track and report on all work and equipment. Create dashboards to spot trends, identify problem equipment, track labor utilization, and efficiently manage vendor resources.




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