GxP Asset Management

Maximize Asset Lifecycles

Manage the full asset lifecycle of your GxP and non-GxP life sciences assets in one place. 

  • Optimize asset management  
  • Reduce unscheduled downtime  
  • Minimize the risk of non-compliance  

Say Goodbye to Separate Systems

Keep your facilities, labs, manufacturing plants, and quality processes running smoothly by consolidating all asset information in one place.

  • Break Down Silos 
    Break Down Silos 

    Reduce unscheduled downtime by coordinating across teams to ensure GxP and non-GxP equipment is available and reliable for production

  • Increase Equipment Efficiency 
    Increase Equipment Efficiency 

    Proactively schedule and auto-assign preventive maintenance, calibrations, and cleanings on your regulated and non-regulated equipment

  • Always Be Audit-Ready
    Always Be Audit-Ready

    Maintain accurate records and ensure data quality with built-in compliance controls, including exportable audit trails and versioning

Hear From Our Customers

Learn how we helped our customer transform their facilities and asset management processes.

Asset Management Simplified

Create dynamic workspaces, streamline processes, ensure compliance, and make more informed decisions about your assets by consolidating your information.

Compliance with a Click

Easily indicate assets that have GxP applicability and create workflows that drive approvals, audit trails, and more. 

  • Improve production and process controls, documentation, and work order management  
  • Find and access historical data about asset maintenance activity  
  • Facilitate compliance with electronic signatures that meet 21 CFR Part 11 and EU Annex 11 requirements 

Centralized Asset Information

Track asset information such as costs, condition assessments, serial numbers, related service contracts, and more.  

  • Track and manage the condition of assets with pre-determined checklists 
  • Calculate and score risks associated with each asset based on its status
  • Use data to understand performance trends and better predict potential issues  

Comprehensive Maintenance

Plan and schedule maintenance while meeting regulatory requirements. 

  • Collaborate across teams to quickly remediate unexpected equipment issues  
  • Schedule maintenance, calibration, cleaning, and inspections at regular intervals to ensure that assets are operating correctly 
  • Maintenance data is recorded digitally, eliminating manual administrative work 

Integrated Calibration

Embed calibration activities within maintenance workflows, so teams work with the same information. 

  • Bring equipment back online quickly  
  • Generate calibration certificates to demonstrate compliance 
  • Analyze failure trends to inform repair vs. replace decisions  

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From Onboarding to Retirement—And Everything Between

Manage every aspect of your asset lifecycles using one solution.

  • Asset Onboarding

  • Asset Reservation

  • Maintenance Management 

  • Reporting 

Asset Onboarding

Indicate whether an asset has a GxP intended use when onboarding new equipment.

Asset Reservation

Reserve the assets you need to do your work right from your mobile device. 

Maintenance Management

Schedule and execute asset maintenance and inspections at regular intervals, ensuring all devices are operating correctly, minimizing breakdowns and downtime. 


Monitor asset utilization and performance based on use schedules, maintenance logs, reported issues, and productivity. 

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