OT Security

Protect Your Critical Operations

Ensure the safety, accessibility, and availability of all your operational technology (OT).

  • Mitigate asset security risks 
  • Maintain an accurate asset inventory 
  • Simplify your remediation plan and response process 

Know the Status of All Your OT Assets

Have visibility into all of your operational technology so you can quickly uncover and mitigate cybersecurity issues.

  • Risk Assessment
    Risk Assessment

    Identify risks for each OT asset through the entire asset lifecycle

  • Inventory and Workflow
    Inventory and Workflow

    Get actionable insights on all your OT assets with automated updates

  • Monitoring and Response
    Monitoring and Response

    Gain peace of mind knowing you have a threat response process in place

A Triple Threat Against Cyberattacks

Monitor, protect, and mitigate any OT security issues in one place

Risk Assessment

Have a complete audit trail of all device configuration activities from pre-procurement through device decommissioning.

  • Enable security lifecycle profiles 
  • Provide security findings and remediation steps
  • Create work orders for mitigation

Inventory and Workflow

Automatically update your device inventory with detailed context from your monitoring tools.    

  • Integration with monitoring tools for inventory enrichment 
  • Automatically create verification work orders for newly discovered devices not in inventory
  • Pre-built workflows to create device onboarding work orders

Monitoring and Response

Identify vulnerabilities, prioritize them, and respond with the right resources.  

  • Get actionable vulnerability management capabilities
  • Balance resource allocations when responding to risks
  • Provide auditable documentation of mitigation steps

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