Employees safely returning to the workplace is top of mind for organizations right now, and space management plays a key role. Having the right technology in place is critical to the success of both your short and long term return to the workplace strategy.

It's Time to Upgrade Your Space Management Software

  • Generate reports to keep an eye on space utilization data
    Generate reports to keep an eye on space utilization data
  • Implement a mobile space reservation solution
    Implement a mobile space reservation solution
  • Easily view and change floor plans with AutoCAD integration
    Easily view and change floor plans with AutoCAD integration

Interactive Floor plans

Floor plans are no longer static drawings; they are graphical and interactive tools. Use our Workplace Planner to design your new spaces.

  • Shared offices or designated hoteling locations can be highlighted using different color codes
  • Hover over spaces and see square footage to determine how many people could occupy that space
  • Drag and drop employee icons to create distance between desks and offices
  • Map out single direction walking paths
  • Decide the location of PPE and sanitation stations

Workplace Reporting

Robust space allocation reporting as part of your facilities management platform, shared with the rest of the organization, will help you manage all stages of your workplace reopening plan.

  • Design dashboards that show what percentage of employees are returning.
  • Analyze avaliable space against returning employee projections.
  • Forecast future space requirements.

Space Reservation

Empower employees to reserve space on a mobile device on the days they want to be in the office. Give them peace of mind by using the space reservation system to kick off a sanitation work order when the employee checks out of the space.

Learn more in this 2-minute video

Interactive Floormaps

Bring your static floor plans to life. Visual interactive space planning will make re-designing the workplace faster and easier.

Move Scheduling

Auto-generated and auto-assigned work orders are created while you redesign the new workplace. Our Move Scheduling tool gives you an easy way to manage those work orders.

Space Dashboards

Create robust reports and dashboards for all stages of your reopening plan. Understand space utilization, know who is coming into what offices, when, how often and for how long.

Space Reservations

Give your employees peace of mind by letting them reserve space for when they want to return: reserve rooms, desks, and other office areas with our robust reservation solution.

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