Workplaces are changing, and they require more flexibility than ever. That’s why you need one solution to manage all aspects of your enterprise space.

Keep It All Connected

Still using stand-alone tools for workplace management? Chances are you’re only getting pieces of a total solution. There’s a better way—and it’s made possible through Connected Workplace.

    Enterprise Space Management

    Complete control at your fingertips. Design flex spaces, set capacity, move employees, and so much more—all from a single solution.


    Reserving places and spaces has never been simpler. One solution that enables you to reserve what you need, when you need it.

    Analytics to Run
    Your Workplace

    Data makes all the difference. Effortlessly capture key insights to help you rationalize your real estate portfolio.

Space in the
Connected Workplace

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Experience What Makes
Nuvolo Space so Powerful

See for yourself what makes us a go-to for organizations looking for a robust, connected solution to get their employees back to the workplace.

Space Reservations

Give your employees a reservation solution that is tailored to them. Reserve spaces and places from visual floor maps that give them all the details they need.

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Space Utilization

Understand who is coming into the office, when, and for how long through integration with your badge swipe data.

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Space Editor

Visualize and update your spaces, individually or en masse, with simple drag and drop actions.

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Request a Move

Experience how an employee uses an online portal to submit a move request. Use visual floorplans to select a new workspace.

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The way we work is transforming.

According to a recent study, our business spaces are being reconfigured with new, never before considered priorities.

Learn what a comprehensive space management platform looks like and why it's important. View quick product videos and hear about others in your industry.

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Next Generation Space Management

Planning and executing seat moves has never been easier. With blocking and stacking, you can visualize new arrangements and optimize your current spaces.


Customer Story

A large global Financial organization chooses
Nuvolo Space for their digital initiative

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Innovate Your Space with Innovative Office Space Planning Software

When it comes to office space planning software, not all solutions are created equally. Your business deserves a resource that won’t just help you optimize your space but will also ensure that you’re getting the most out of your office, keeping your employees safe, implementing measures that will provide useful solutions day in and day out—no matter how your office space needs change. Office space planning software from Nuvolo is smart and savvy, but more than that, it helps you better understand and utilize the space you have—it can even give you innovative ideas on how to use that space better in the future. With innovative solutions like space reservation management systems, workplace reporting, and interactive floor plans specific to your space, Nuvolo’s office space planning software can help you create—and manage—the ultimate workspace.

The Best Space Management Software to Optimize Your Resources

Having the right technology on your side is more critical now than ever—that’s why it’s time to upgrade to the best space management software out there. From keeping your employees safe to optimizing your space, space management solutions can make an enormous difference in the way your company operates. Nuvolo’s space management solution does more than just help you optimize your physical workspace, it provides solutions for both the short-term and long-term to ensure that you’re always looking toward the future. With Nuvolo’s best space management software, you’ll be able to generate reports to keep an eye on space utilization data, implement a mobile space reservation solution, and easily view and change floor plans with AutoCAD integration. In other words, our solution enables you customization, flexibility, and the innovation needed to create and manage a top-notch, cutting-edge office space.