Meeting your sustainability goals matter, and impact our future. Track energy usage, carbon footprint, predict impact and deliver savings in one connected platform.

Take the Steps to Reduce Your Company’s Footprint

  • Report on Utility Usage
    Report on Utility Usage
  • Meet Regulatory Standards With Ease
    Meet Regulatory Standards With Ease
  • Track Waste and Optimize Your Costs
    Track Waste and Optimize Your Costs

Keep an Eye on Waste

We’d like to think we’re doing our best to save the planet, but $60 billion in wasted energy every year says otherwise. That’s not just bad for the environment, but for business as well. Know where your energy goes with our advanced, thorough reports and energy spike alerts.

Sustainability For a
Connected Workplace

Set thresholds for alerts, look at spikes or anomalies and view any energy expense in just about any category from any angle - by geography, facility, utility type, and more. Learn more now.

Health and Safety Dashboard

Monitor safety incidents and other reported issues

Utility Bills

Track utility bills and payments by date

Energy Manager Dashboard

Monitor energy consumption by category

Energy Manager Dashboard - Utility Consumption by Type

Monitor utility costs by type

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