Connected Workplace for Life Sciences

Keep Your Operations Running Smoothly

Bringing life-saving therapies to market is complicated. Your software shouldn’t make it harder. Empower teams with one solution to manage every aspect of your facilities, including 

  • GxP and non-GxP asset management and maintenance  
  • Real estate and space planning
  • Capital planning and projects

Simplify Your Workplace 

Better manage your facilities, labs, manufacturing plants, and quality processes by consolidating all space and asset information in one place.

  • Break Down Silos 
    Break Down Silos 

    Foster cross-team collaboration to reduce unscheduled manufacturing downtime. Gain full visibility into your workplace, and make the most of your spaces

  • Optimize Operations  
    Optimize Operations  

    Connect assets, space, and data. Manage work orders, integrate calibration processes, automate workflows, and more

  • Always Be Audit-Ready
    Always Be Audit-Ready

    Maintain accurate records and ensure data quality with built-in compliance controls, including Part 11 compliant audit trails and validation documentation

How GMP Facilities Use Connected Workplace for Life Sciences

Learn how we helped our customer transform their facilities and asset management processes.

The Only IWMS Built for Life Sciences

Create dynamic workspaces, streamline processes, ensure compliance, and make more informed decisions about your buildings and equipment, with one solution.

Streamline Your Maintenance Activities

Manage the full lifecycle of your GxP and non-GxP assets in one place.   

  • Easily indicate assets that have GxP applicability and create workflows that drive approvals, audit trails, and more.
  • Find and access historical data about asset maintenance activity when you need it  
  • Facilitate compliance with electronic signatures that meet 21 CFR Part 11 and EU Annex 11 requirements 

Integrate Calibration

Quickly get equipment back online by including calibrations in maintenance workflows. 

  • Centralize data so internal and external teams have access to the same information
  • Improve data integrity and reduce redundant work with automatic calculations  
  • Generate calibration certificates to demonstrate compliance 

Align Quality and Manufacturing

Deliver products quickly, while maintaining the highest levels of quality.

  • Simplify production by reserving the assets you need for every batch, every time
  • Understand which assets are available for use based on risk factors determined by pre-defined rules
  • Generate reports with assets used in each batch to support compliance and facilitate overall batch approval or rejection

Rethink Your Space Strategy

Make the most of your current spaces, plan for future workplace needs, and build a workplace with your employees in mind.

  • Enable productivity by giving employees the ability to reserve the spaces they need to work 
  • Visualize, plan, and execute employee moves with intuitive tools and automatic workflows 
  • Capture key insights to help you rationalize and forecast how your spaces are used  

Simplify Real Estate Decisions

Centralize your leases and owned property details to better plan, manage, and optimize your portfolio.

  • Use space utilization data to understand how your spaces are being used and make better decisions about future needs
  • Centralize critical information on owned and leased properties, and proactively prepare for future capital projects
  • View KPI data to quickly see the health, status, and behavior of your portfolio

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