Oct 12, 2020
By Leslie O'Connell
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Sustainability in the Connected Workplace

There’s an interesting corporate trend happening. Corporations are building sustainability into their business strategies while concurrently stepping up green initiatives. They’re aspiring to improve the quality of their workplaces while heeding the call to be environmentally responsible. They are analyzing emissions to improve air quality, improving energy performance to lessen the demand on the electric grid, reducing waste where they can, and measuring water consumption.

Environmentally-responsible corporate thinking and action requires sophisticated data analysis. Tracking utilities and energy consumption across spreadsheets or using disparate software platforms makes reporting extremely difficult and often inaccurate.

Today’s corporations need a way to collaborate easily across departments and locations. They need a platform that shares data across buildings, assets, and departments.


A single platform approach brings the power of enterprise data sharing to Sustainability reporting.

Nuvolo Sustainability is a modern, cloud-based solution that offers integrated enterprise energy management. Providing one platform for all energy-related data enables consolidated analysis and reporting. It provides forward-thinking, environmentally-conscious organizations the ability to optimize energy consumption, track generated waste, manage water usage, and track utility and energy bills. Furthermore, it provides the opportunity to discover once overlooked sources of cost savings.

Our module connects directly to your energy management systems (or utility companies) to generate live reports across all facilities. View energy consumption and expenses broken down by just about any category: geographically, by the facility, type of utility, and more.

Uncover areas for improvement and cost savings. Analyze the progress of your energy conservation programs and create required compliance reports. Analyze environmental impacts by corporate locations and forecast sustainability projects and progress.

Key Sustainability Features:

  • Energy Consumption Oversight
    Track usage details and billing information to model improved efficiency forecasting.
  • Meet Regulatory Objectives
    Generate sustainability reports with advanced options to chart regulatory standards.
  • Sustainability Monitoring
    Utilize the built-in reports for sustainability project efforts.

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