Jul 09, 2024
By Kate Camerlin

The Value of Extending Your ServiceNow Investment with Nuvolo

When onboarding new software into your existing tech stack, your teams can sometimes be faced with unexpected challenges—including with implementation, compliance, and even ongoing support and maintenance. Plus, it becomes harder for everyone to collaborate and share data when teams are all using different point solutions. That’s why it’s so important to maximize and extend the platforms you’re already invested in.

With Nuvolo and ServiceNow, you can build on your existing ServiceNow capabilities, and connect IT, facilities, real estate, and more. With all information in one place, you’re empowered to see what’s happening across departments and teams.

We’re the only integrated workplace management system (IWMS) and computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) platform natively Built on ServiceNow. We’re industry experts and have been included in market guides and industry reports such as Gartner, IDC, and Verdantix.

“Nuvolo is the only comprehensive IWMS built on the ServiceNow platform; this makes it ideal for ServiceNow clients looking to leverage IWMS tools, as Nuvolo can seamlessly integrate into existing ServiceNow solutions. For example, Nuvolo can tie into existing ServiceNow mobile apps, reducing the need for employees to download additional apps for the workplace.” – 2022 Verdantix Report

Read on to learn the top four ways we can help you extend your ServiceNow investment, reduce technical debt, enable collaboration across departments, and obtain the data to make informed business decisions.

1. Reducing Technical Debt 

When it comes to reducing technical debt, companies face challenges in supporting multiple point solutions that each have unique implementations, upgrades, and break/fix workflows.

Bringing your organization onto one platform means you don’t have to add to your tech stack each time a new need is uncovered. We consolidate and replace your existing facilities maintenance, real estate, and space planning applications, so you no longer need to support and maintain multiple solutions.

Plus, when data and communications are managed from one platform, your organization can re-look at how it uses technology to collaborate across departments.

For example, space management and real estate teams can share critical information with each other—like how employees are using the space in your facilities, or if they’re using the space at all.

Teams no longer need to use separate point solutions, which leads to better data, communication, and decision-making.

2. Provide One System of Record for Better Reporting

We know how important it is to have the right data in order to make informed business decisions. Traditionally, pulling this data often means working in multiple applications or spreadsheets, which is a very manual and time-consuming process—and in the end, may not even be completely accurate.

With Nuvolo and ServiceNow, everyone is looking through a single pane of glass with the same view into all data and information. You can create dashboards and reports, making it much easier to visualize performance data and other metrics and leading to more informed business decisions.

3. Bridging Gaps Between Teams

Often, departments operate in siloes using separate technology. However, with the shift in the workplace due to the pandemic, facilities teams are often leading workplace initiatives—needing to collaborate with IT, real estate, and space planning teams along the way.

Having a single source of truth drives efficiency and reduces overlaps and miscommunications.

For example, facilities and IT groups need to work closely—but often communication is done via emails and spreadsheets. This leads to questions like: Who is responsible for what? How do we share workflows?

Having one shared platform can help clarify these questions.

It is especially important when completing tasks that require resources from both teams, like onboarding and offboarding employees, standing up new office spaces, and maintaining equipment such as security cameras, sensor technology, and telecom systems.

Learn more about how Connected Workplace can help you tear down the walls between facilities and IT.

4. Provide a Consistent and Positive End User Experience

Because we enable better cross-functional collaboration, end users have a more positive experience. No matter the task—whether someone needs to enter a facilities request for a broken HVAC system, an IT request for help with a computer, or request a new desk or seating situation—he or she uses the same application.

Because we provide one single source of truth, we also streamline the tracking and analytics for work orders and other performance metrics.

Connect Your Workplace with Nuvolo + ServiceNow

Connecting departments, streamlining processes, and getting clearer visibility into your organization: there’s so much more value realized when you combine the power of ServiceNow and Nuvolo Connected Workplace.

Extend your ServiceNow investment and connect your organization on one cloud-based platform.

See how our customers are building their Connected Workplaces, or reach out to us for a demo.