Connected Workplace

Connect Your People, Places, and Spaces

Bring your real estate, space, capital planning, and asset data into a single solution, giving you a transparent view across your business.

  • Extend existing tech investments by extending your ServiceNow™ platform
  • Connect teams and enable collaboration across your business
  • Leverage solutions purpose-built for your industry

Make Connected Workplace Work For You

Consolidate your tech stack and build a holistic solution tailored to your specific needs.

  • Optimize Operations
    Optimize Operations

    Connect assets with their location, manage work orders, automate workflows across teams, and so much more

  • Break Down Silos
    Break Down Silos

    Enable collaboration across departments from project kickoffs to ribbon-cuttings and everything in between

  • Increase Visibility
    Increase Visibility

    Maintain accurate real estate and asset details, so you can make smarter decisions today, and in the future

Workplace Management is Our Business

We've built a solution that allows cross-functional teams to work together on the same platform. With all of your people, places, and spaces data in one solution, you can begin to see your organization through one pane of glass.

Streamline Your Maintenance Activities

Plan for and execute maintenance work while meeting regulatory requirements.

  • Collaborate across teams to quickly remediate unexpected equipment issues
  • Automate maintenance at regular intervals to minimize downtime and extend the asset lifecycle
  • Spend less time searching for data, working on spreadsheets, and manually inputting information into multiple systems

Connect Capital Plans to Project Plans

Stay on time and within budget with a comprehensive solution.

  • Create a single database by connecting capital plans and projects to asset records
  • Monitor progress during a project’s lifecycle
  • Create reports on financials, risks and issues, documentation, approvals, or any tasks associated with a project

Simplify Real Estate Decisions With Data

Centralize your property details to plan, manage, and optimize your bought or leased property portfolio.

  • Layer in space utilization data to fully understand how your spaces are being used, and make better decisions about future needs
  • Keep track of critical information on owned and leased properties, and proactively prepare for future capital projects
  • View KPI data to quickly see the health, status, and behavior of your portfolio and ongoing projects

Rethink Your Space Strategy

Create purposeful spaces. Build a workplace with your employees in mind.

  • Enable productivity by giving employees the ability to reserve the spaces they need to work 
  • Visualize, plan, and execute employee moves with intuitive tools and automatic workflows 
  • Capture key insights to help you rationalize and forecast how your spaces are used  

See It In Action

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