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With a single, efficient, and constantly evolving platform you can manage your Maintenance, Space, Real Estate, Projects, and Sustainability all from one place. That's the Connected Workplace.

The Connected Workplace connects all people, locations, assets and business services on the same platform.

Whether the customer is an employee, an IT pro or a field technician, the center of the Connected Workplace is the Customer Experience. Our platform enables everyone to do their best work by collaborating & sharing data from the same source.


Empower your technicians with the right tools to do their best work. Track and report in one platform, automate workflows, and keep inventory data accurate and reliable - all with on and offline mobile capabilities.


Field Service Management

Empower your field technicians with mobility to track and report their work. Data then rolls up to a single connected workplace platform so you have a birds-eye view of all work being done across your business.



Space Management is a priority for most organizations right now. Getting your employees back to the workplace means a complete re-design of your offices, with a built-in system to offer reservable daily space. Our connected platform can help you design, stage, and implement the new workplace.



Run your projects in the connected workplace for real-time reporting that helps you stay on top of every project detail so you can be sure jobs are getting done on time and within budget.

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Real Estate

Corporate Real Estate professionals are true workplace strategists. Empowering them with the tool to manage leases on the same platform as people, locations, and assets just makes sense.



Meeting your sustainability goals matters, and impacts our future. Track energy usage, carbon footprint, predict impact, and deliver savings in one connected platform.

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OT Cyber Security

Ensure that non-IT equipment and devices connected to the network are safe and secure. You know, the ones that IT doesn't maintain. Quickly identify OT device threats and automate the remediation process.

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