Mar 10, 2022
By Kate Camerlin

Why Financial Institutions Use Nuvolo to Optimize Their Space and Real Estate Portfolios

Financial services organizations of all sizes can use Nuvolo Connected Workplace to optimize and manage their offices, buildings, and other facilities. With Nuvolo, you know exactly what spaces you have, how much they’re costing, and how they’re being used—so you can make more informed decisions about your real estate portfolio going forward.

Whether your organization has one location, or you have hundreds (or thousands) of customer service sites in addition to your corporate headquarters, Nuvolo can help you manage it all. Improve your employee and customer experiences by evaluating your floorplans and redesigning spaces, planning corporate return-to-the-workplace initiatives, and analyzing usage data.

Plus, Connected Workplace is the only true IWMS and CMMS solution Built on NOW™. This means you can extend the platform to other business functions, connecting IT, facilities, space, real estate, and more.

Manage Office Layouts and Redesigns

If you need to reconfigure the layouts of your buildings or offices, Nuvolo Space makes it simpler. You can evaluate your customer locations, redesigning them so they are easy to navigate. This helps ensure a positive brand experience—when your spaces are optimized and consistent, clients and customers are more likely to return.

Plus, Nuvolo streamlines the process of rethinking the layout of your corporate spaces, as well. You can perform blocking and stacking to plan department or team moves. Directly integrate visual floorplans via AutoCAD, and then use simple drag-and-drop features to move elements around.

Connected Workplace then lets you execute those changes by automatically generating work orders to change floor layouts.

And with interactive wayfinding features, your employees can easily find and navigate exactly where they need to be within your buildings.

Plan Your Return-to-the-Workplace and Hybrid Work Initiatives 

Financial organizations are increasingly considering how to bring employees back to the office and incorporate hybrid working scenarios into their plans. In fact, one Verdantix study shows that about 48% of organizations across all industries say they’re planning on evaluating the use of flexible office space. And about 58% of organizations say increasing agile and hybrid working is a high priority for them.

Nuvolo Space can help you navigate these changes.

The reservation feature makes it easy for employees to reserve desks or meeting rooms directly from their desktops or mobile devices. This means they can book rooms on-the-go, ensuring they have the right room and equipment that they need, and allowing them to make the most of their time in the office.

Then, when the employees have finished using a space, you can configure the platform to create automated work orders for cleaning and resetting the rooms.

Use Data to Manage Your Real Estate Portfolios

Do more with your data: Many organizations manage a diverse portfolio with significant work volume and employee churn. Nuvolo enables you to use your reservation and occupancy data to take all of this into account and plan for the future. When you can easily visualize how often certain rooms are booked, or how many employees are regularly in your facilities, you can forecast space requirements going forward.

Nuvolo also enables you to plan your energy usage (identifying peak occupancy times) to get a better handle on how much your buildings are costing you. Plus, Nuvolo helps you track any leases, contracts, due dates, and more, right from within the same solution. This means you can create action-based dashboards and reports to help you visualize your data.

One Connected Solution

Financial organizations around the globe are choosing Nuvolo to help them measure, manage, and report on their physical footprint.

Nuvolo Connected Workplace supports your team’s digital transformation. It is a cloud-based solution that enables you to track all of your building space and usage data—and it goes far beyond that by offering solutions for maintenance and work orders, sustainability, capital projects, OT security, and much more.

Interested in learning more? Read about how one financial organization used Nuvolo to support its digital transformation, and watch a demo.

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