Aug 31, 2020
By Leslie O'Connell
Solution Overviews

Working Better with Interactive Wayfinding

Improve Employee Convenience and Visitor Experience

Nuvolo Wayfinding helps users find any location around campus, indoor, and out.  Use interactive maps to find your office desk, a hospital room, a laboratory, a college classroom – any location within a large campus, or an individual building.

Not sure where you’re going? No problem. Search for people, locations, and things, and Wayfinding will find the exact location on an interactive map.

Employees and visitors search for a location right from their smartphones or strategically located Wayfinding kiosks. They input a search item and presto, straightforward view for the location.



wayfinding interactive map screenshot with layout of building



Navigating the Return to the Workplace

Nuvolo is helping to redesign and manage workspaces for social distancing, sanitation, and safety. Wayfinding and Space Reservation software combined on one platform offers a dynamic and easy way for employees to engage with their reconfigured workplaces.

Give returning employees instant access to crucial information they need to feel comfortable and safe. With our space reservation solution, employees search the Wayfinding interactive floor maps to book available desks or other office spaces; Wayfinding services help by:

  • Showing employees on building maps and floor plans,
    • where their colleagues are sitting
    • already reserved desks or designated hoteling locations
    • hand sanitizer and PPE Kiosks
    • what areas have been designated off-limits
    • new one-directional walking paths
  • Alerting cleaning crews and providing the location of the reserved spaces that need to be sanitized
  • Pushing mobile alerts directly to the user’s smartphone when a reserved workspace is cleaned and ready for check-in


Why Nuvolo for Wayfinding?

Wayfinding, as part of Nuvolo’s Connected Workplace, is unique and can help manage your buildings. Here’s how:

  • Facilities maintenance teams can locate equipment and perform work orders with ease
  • Employees can submit a facility work order request directly from Wayfinding maps
  • All facilities space and real estate teams share the same platform, any changes they make to the building or campus layout are instantly updated for employees to use
  • We simplify floor plan updates through bi-directional syncing with AutoCAD


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