Global Financial Organization Brings in Nuvolo Space for Their Digital Initiative

Our client is a global Fortune 500 financial firm with hundreds of locations worldwide and millions of square feet under management.

Like most large enterprise organizations, they manage a diverse portfolio with significant work volume and employee churn. Because of this, they were looking for a better way to measure, manage, and report on their physical footprint.

Legacy Tool Limitations

Due to limitations in their existing integrated workplace management system (IWMS) applications, space planners, supervisors, and technicians were resorting to using printed-out floorplans, emails, and spreadsheets in their day-to-day operations.

With an ever-evolving real estate portfolio, it became apparent that it was time to undergo a technology transformation. Our client saw the intrinsic value in taking a platform approach to their real estate management and delivery model in order to enhance their end-user experience. This, in turn, would lead to an overall improved employee experience.

The Evaluation Process

Over the course of three years, they evaluated several IWMS and point solutions. However, none met all the needs of key stakeholders or their stringent corporate information security requirements.

The Right Platform

Enter Nuvolo Connected Workplace. With a fully integrated suite of workplace solutions built on the NOW platform, the team’s exhaustive search was finally over.

Nuvolo not only provided all the key functionality required, but the Connected Workplace solution was able to also meet their information security requirements.

Today, we support their digital transformation initiative, which includes replacing disparate on-premise applications with one cloud-based integrated solution. Nuvolo meets all its requirements for space and move management, employee onboarding, space requests, work management, and automated workflow capabilities.

Reporting and Predictive Analytics

Reporting and analytics were also critical to this client’s success. With all people, places, and assets on one platform, Nuvolo provides a single view into the performance of the organization’s operation, which means no more spreadsheets.

Delivering the Value of a Connected Workplace

Nuvolo Connected Workplace allows the real estate organization to manage their entire space inventory, complex moves, and work orders in one single system of engagement.

Their plans for the future include using Nuvolo to expand into IoT sensor integration, room reservations, and wayfinding in support of return-to-the-workplace initiatives.

We are excited to partner with this firm as we continue to deliver on our promise of a fully connected workplace.