Jan 24, 2022
By Kate Camerlin
Solution Overviews

What Is Connected Workplace for Higher Education?

The university experience is evolving, and it requires more teams and processes than ever to effectively manage campus operations.

How do university administrators keep track of the operations behind their departments, facilities, and organizations?

Connected Workplace brings together your maintenance, space planning, housing, and asset and lab management processes onto one user-friendly platform. It reduces the number of software systems your university manages, streamlining processes and workflows, and giving you better insights into both the day-to-day and long-term operations of your university.

It is the only integrated workplace management system (IWMS) and computerized maintenance management (CMMS) platform built on ServiceNow™, connecting it to your other organizational processes and making it easy to integrate into your current tech stack.

Improve Operations and Employee Efficiency

Consolidate the separate systems, applications, and spreadsheets you use to manage your facilities campus-wide onto one platform.

With the Connected Workplace Maintenance solution, you can ensure you’re providing faculty and students with the best on-campus experience possible—helping with recruitment, retention, and safety.

You can establish rounds and create checklists to make sure spaces are being maintained and cleaned. Create color-coded pins so your teams can more easily visualize the work in each location.


Plus, any employee across the campus can submit a work request. These tickets can be automatically routed to the right technicians or maintenance crewmembers, who can then use their mobile devices to input information about the work order or asset. This mobile-friendly workflow eliminates manual data re-entry, and it ensures the information is up-to-date and accurate.

Facilities Condition Assessments

When everything is on one platform, it becomes much easier to perform facilities condition assessments, as you can input data directly into the solution—cataloging equipment, spaces, and assets.

Plus, you can incorporate the high-level architectural and engineering assessments conducted in the field with the equipment-level data provided by suppliers and manufacturers.

This gives you a much more accurate look at the state of your facilities, and you can forecast upcoming costs and get visibility into the health of your buildings.

Asset Management

Connected Workplace also helps you manage and maintain all your assets, including cafeteria equipment, fleet vehicles, heating and cooling systems, and more.

When data about all your equipment is stored in one platform, your maintenance teams can:

  • Create better planned maintenance schedules
  • Visualize how often items need to be serviced
  • More accurately predict upcoming repair or replacement costs

Research and clinical departments can track devices used within any associated hospitals or labs. In fact, Connected Workplace includes calibration and compliance functionality developed by subject matter experts, enabling your departments to effectively manage and maintain their critical devices.

Vendor Management

Connected Workplace ensures that your vendor management system is not just a separate point solution, and that it connects to other business processes and applications. All your third-party contractors—such as food, janitorial, or supply vendors—work from the same platform, and they all have access to the critical information and workflows that enable them to complete their work more efficiently.

Plus, all documentation, contracts, and SLAs are tracked in one location. This is vital, because if you’re not able to see all this information easily, it is much harder to ensure your contractors are meeting agreed-upon KPIs.

When you have a more collaborative, transparent, and integrated vendor management solution in place, your vendors become trusted partners and collaborators.

Connected Workplace provides a clearer picture into the performance of all of your vendors alongside other key business data, enabling you to make more informed, data-driven decisions.

Optimize Space and Workplace Reservations

As your university’s student population and faculty numbers change, the Connected Workplace for Space solution makes it easier for you to rethink the spaces across your campus.

Interactive Maps

Static campus, building, and floor maps turn into interactive space planning tools. These interactive floorplans make it much easier to update building and floor layouts. You can track the allocation of space across all of the different departments in your university and forecast how many administrative spaces, classrooms, or offices they’ll need in the upcoming semesters.

Connect directly with tools like AutoCAD and reconfigure department spaces with easy-to use drag-and-drop features. With blocking and stacking functionality, you can plan team and group moves. On the same interactive maps, virtually plan student moves across dorm rooms and buildings. You can also manage administrative spaces, assigning desks and offices as needed.

Once a redesign or move is in place virtually, you can automatically generate and assign work orders to carry out the move. Technicians and maintenance crews use the interactive floor maps on their mobile phones to navigate to and manage those work orders.


Students and staff can also use the room reservation features in the Space solution to book conference rooms, study areas, labs, and more from their mobile devices.

This means they can reserve the spaces they need right when they need them, without having to use a separate application.

Additionally, you can then use this occupancy data to plan for the future. When you can easily visualize how often certain rooms are booked, you can forecast and optimize your spaces going forward.

Automate Real Estate Management and Leasing

Connected Workplace Real Estate solution enables a wide range of functions for your real estate team.

When you lease buildings or equipment to third parties, you can track those contracts and agreements in one place. For example, if you have agreements with a third-party coffee shop vendor, you can manage that lease in Connected Workplace.

You can also track contract details and payment dates. Plus, you can create interactive dashboards and automatic alerts for things like contract renewal deadlines.

With all your lease, maintenance, and space usage data in one place, you can visualize how much your facilities cost, see which areas are being used most often, and use that data to inform your real estate portfolio strategy

With all this information at your fingertips, you can make decisions about whether you need to invest in new spaces or consolidate certain facilities.

Complete Projects On Time and On Budget

The Connected Workplace Projects solution helps you manage construction and renovation projects across dorms, classrooms, lab spaces, and more. It connects to your business operations data, meaning that information is consistent between team members, departments, functions, and business units, so you can keep critical projects on track and on time.

Additionally, Connected Workplace includes bidding and sourcing with third parties, so you can streamline the process of selecting vendors.

Plus, you can report out on bonds to ensure you’re meeting state requirements. Errors in reporting can cost your university millions of dollars, but Connected Workplace offers detailed cost reporting to minimize that risk.

Meet Sustainability Goals

With the Connected Workplace Sustainability solution, you can track the energy usage associated with your buildings and facilities. This helps you optimize energy consumption, track generated waste, and manage water usage.

Connected Workplace integrates with your energy management systems (or utility companies) to generate live reports across all your facilities. View energy consumption and expenses by geography, facility, type of utility, and more.

You’ll uncover areas for improvement and can analyze your energy conservation programs’ progress. You can also forecast sustainability progress and analyze the environmental impact of each of your campus locations.

Help Secure Operational Technology from Threats

It’s more important than ever to secure your network-connected, non-IT devices against cyber-attacks. Increasingly, hackers have been able to obtain access to these kinds of operational technology (OT) devices, causing shutdowns and other issues.

OT devices include HVAC systems, security cameras, sensors, and other technology that you rely on to keep your facilities safe and operational. It also includes many of the network-connected assets and equipment at associated hospitals or healthcare systems.

The Connected Workplace OT Security solution helps you ensure your OT devices are safe, accessible, and available at all times.

Ready to Connect Your Campus?

When all projects, invoices, contracts, space, work orders, assets, and other critical data reside in the same database, you have unprecedented business intelligence. You can drill down into the details and be confident in your ability to answer tough questions.

Nuvolo is the only complete CMMS and IWMS solution built on ServiceNow. By connecting all your data in one place, you can optimize the faculty and student experience while gathering key insights that help inform all decisions campus-wide.