Feb 25, 2021
By Leslie O'Connell
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Facility Condition Assessments in the Connected Workplace

What is a facility condition assessment? A facility condition assessment (FCA) analyzes the physical condition of your overall facility, individual spaces, and equipment. Without a facility condition assessment, your facility budgeting, data, and planning will all be a guess. If you’re using spreadsheets, or worse, doing manual assessments, this process is daunting and potentially becomes stagnant in a binder somewhere on the shelf.

Nuvolo Connected Workplace and the accompanying facility condition assessment functionality give you the tools for comprehensive and accurate capital planning.

Understand your facility and assets like never before and easily calculate your Facility Condition Index (FCI) with Nuvolo

Connected Workplace is a single platform with Maintenance, Space, Field Service Management, Sustainability, Projects, and Real Estate solutions. A single platform handling work orders, capturing asset history, managing equipment leases, tracking capital projects, and more.

The information and analysis you have prior to conducting a facility condition assessment is invaluable and simplifies the process. Simplifying the facility condition assessment process improves consistency and reduces costs.

Key Facility Condition Assessment Functionality
  • Generate electronic facility condition assessments;
  • Report deficiencies directly against assets during the condition assessment;
  • Attach images to deficiencies making it easier to analyze and locate for repair;
  • Define estimated repair cost, planned repair year, ranking, and priority to help drive capital planning activities;
  • Maintain the condition of assets and make better repair versus replace decisions based on the FCI (repair cost/replacement value); and
  • Report FCI across your entire portfolio spanning from standalone and system assets up to the building, campus, and region in which the asset resides.

Our Facility Condition Index formula calculates FCI as the sum of estimated repair cost (deficiency)/replacement value.

Tracking your FCA data, asset information, preventive and corrective work orders on a single platform gives you unprecedented data accuracy to create powerful analytics.  Build your capital improvement plan with accurate business intelligence and make cost-effective decisions about your building, space, and equipment longevity.

Armed with this level of information, you’ll be prepared to make sound capital investment decisions and meet the overall demands of your real estate investments, including impeccably managed workplaces with preventive measures in place to reduce risk.

The Connected Workplace Advantage

Physical Inventory – Our Physical Inventory solution for auditing capital equipment simplifies your facility’s inventory process. No duplicate systems and one central database facilitate asset inventory data and lifecycle management.

Inspection Rounds Manager – Technicians can do periodic smaller inspections by identifying locations or assets (e.g., fire extinguishers) in a given facility and assigning a virtual checklist to conduct the round procedure. With a few clicks, hundreds of individual tasks are replaced by a single Round.

Interactive Floor Plans – Floor plans that allow you to navigate, find your locations and facility assets with ease and visualize how your space is utilized. Technicians use floor plans on the mobile app to guide them through their FCA tasks.

Reporting – Always capture the data you need to understand current facility conditions and prioritize your facility budget. Create forecasts based on FCA results as well as ongoing equipment and workplace management data.

Is it possible your latest facility condition index score might not be accurate? Learn why.

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