Jan 24, 2022
By Heidi Horn
Solution Overviews

What Is Connected Workplace for Healthcare?

Connecting Your Teams, Workflows, and Applications in One Modern CMMS

The Nuvolo Connected Workplace for Healthcare solution is unique because it’s a combination of software products—built on the ServiceNow platform—that are developed specifically to meet the needs of healthcare, as well as enable hospital support departments to collaborate versus work in separate tools and silos.

No matter where you are, Nuvolo is too. All Nuvolo products are cloud-based with mobile capabilities so you can work from anywhere on your laptop or mobile device.

Connect Your Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) Team

Nuvolo HTM Asset Management is one product included in the Connected Workplace for Healthcare solution. It is a modern CMMS that meets the needs of today’s HTM departments with capabilities to efficiently manage your medical devices, technicians, vendors, costs, and compliance.

Whether you’re a medical device service provider, or you work at a small hospital, a large multi-state health system, or something in between, the Nuvolo HTM Asset Management CMMS is scalable to meet the needs of your organization.

HTM Asset Management includes:

  • Built-in automated workflows: Empower your teams to work smarter, not harder. For example, the Nuvolo Service Portal provides end users with the tools to place a service request from their computers or mobile devices. The system automatically creates a work order, assigns it to the proper technician or team, alerts them of the work order, and automatically escalates it if a technician doesn’t accept the work order in the required time frame.
  • Planned maintenance (PM) capabilities: Easily schedule PMs with checklists based on location, model, equipment type, and technician skills—as well as monitor completion and compliance with real-time dashboards and reports.
  • Contract management capabilities: Connect your contracts with each covered device, giving you full visibility into the coverage levels for every device, the contract costs, and whether that contract is adding value, and when it expires.
  • Integrations and partnerships with organizations and business applications: Nuvolo products not only connect with each other, they can integrate with many other external business applications—such as your enterprise resource planning (ERP), real-time location system (RTLS), and time and attendance applications. Plus, Nuvolo partnered with ECRI to automate the process of keeping your CMMS inventory data “clean” when you have an ECRI subscription. And Nuvolo has built-in integrations with GE Healthcare, PartsSource, and Siemens Healthineers.
Connect Your Cybersecurity Programs

You cannot protect what you do not know about. Nuvolo Connected Workplace for OT Security improves and simplifies your medical device and networked facilities equipment cybersecurity program (aka your operational technology or OT) by combining your OT monitoring application with your equipment inventory and service management tools, providing visibility between HTM, IT, and facilities departments to enable orchestrated prevention and remediation of OT cyber threats.

Nuvolo OT Security takes a proactive and automated approach to cybersecurity by giving HTM and facilities departments the tools to automatically update their asset inventory when new devices are identified on the network; assess the security risk of your devices; match any threats with impacted devices and create work orders if HTM or IT action is needed; enable coordination with IT; and provide cybersecurity dashboards, reports, and compliance documentation.

Connect Your Capital Planning Team

Ditch the spreadsheets and identify your clinical equipment replacement needs in seconds versus weeks. Nuvolo Capital Planning is used in conjunction with HTM Asset Management to identify and prioritize your clinical equipment replacement needs. Using data from your CMMS, Capital Planning will instantly score and prioritize your clinical equipment replacement needs, so you can see in real-time which devices should be replaced and when, and how much needs to be budgeted each year. Additionally, capital planners now have an analytics suite and reporting tools to configure, produce, filter, and distribute reports based on live data.

Connect Your Facilities Maintenance Teams

Performance and outcomes improve when departments that work together have a clear view of all the components they manage and work they must collaborate on. The Nuvolo Facilities Maintenance product has the same capabilities found in HTM Asset Management but is designed to meet the unique needs of healthcare facilities departments:

  • Coordinate between departments using one application to assign and track work on equipment and facility maintenance, routine inspections, and projects
  • Ensure regulatory compliance with both out-of-the-box and easy-to-create dashboards and reports
  • Integrate with your billing and financial applications, sensors, building automation systems, and other applications to get actionable data in one place
  • Perform rounds through your mobile device
  • Perform condition assessments
Connect Your Construction and Project Teams

Nuvolo Projects manages the delivery of high-quality, cost-effective renovations, and new building development. It helps you coordinate on projects with all applicable departments and manage construction projects across facilities, office spaces, and more.

  • Ensure your projects stay on time and budget by tracking key milestones and baselines throughout the project lifecycle
  • Manage the construction permit process and lifecycle
  • Track costs and have real-time reporting on capital and expense financials including cash flow analysis
  • When doing an RFx, perform your bidding and sourcing in the same system as your projects
Connect Your Real Estate and Space Management Functionality

Whether it’s clinical spaces, offices, labs, or warehouses, you can get the full picture of your properties, leases, and spaces and understand exactly how they’re being used.

The Nuvolo Real Estate and Space products give you complete control to manage your leases, design flex spaces, set capacity, move employees and assets, and reserve space and rooms—all on a platform.

Nuvolo can even help you document your space usage for CMS and other regulatory agencies.

A Fully Connected Healthcare Organization

With Nuvolo Connected Workplace, you can eliminate department silos and multiple applications so teams like IT, HTM, facilities, real estate, environmental services, pharmacy, and more can work together on one platform to support the hospital.

Other products included in the Connected Workplace for Healthcare solution are Dispatch, Sustainability, Reservations, Calibration, Warehouse, and Physical Inventory.

Interested in learning more? Explore the Connected Workplace for Healthcare.