Jan 24, 2022
By Heidi Horn
Solution Overviews

What Is Connected Workplace for Healthcare?

Nuvolo Connected Workplace for Healthcare: Connecting your support teams, assets, workflows, and applications.

Nuvolo Connected Workplace–Built on NOWTM–combines the functionality of a traditional computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) with a mature integrated workplace management system (IWMS) designed specifically to meet the needs of healthcare. Connect your teams that support:

  • Clinical equipment maintenance and management
  • Clinical equipment capital planning
  • Facilities maintenance and management
  • Equipment cybersecurity
  • Real estate and space management
  • Construction and project management
  • …And much more

Whether you belong to a small stand-alone hospital, a large multi-state or international health system, or something in between, Nuvolo Connected Workplace for Healthcare is scalable to meet the needs of your organization. Unlike other software providers, Nuvolo has a team of healthcare experts to make sure our solutions meet the clinical, operational, regulatory, and security needs specific to healthcare.

With Nuvolo Connected Workplace, you can eliminate department silos and multiple applications so teams like IT, clinical engineering/healthcare technology management (HTM), facilities, real estate, environmental services, pharmacy, and more can work together on one platform to support the hospital.

Connect Your Clinical Equipment Management, Maintenance, and Teams

Performance and outcomes improve when departments that work together have a clear view of all the components they manage and work they must collaborate on. Nuvolo Connected Workplace Clinical Maintenance solution helps you:

  • Do more with less through automated workflows, mobile functionality, and clinician self-service
  • Manage your planned maintenance (PM) program and ensure regulatory compliance with superior and easy-to-use PM scheduling and management tools and dashboards
  • Coordinate better between departments using one application to assign and track work on equipment and facility maintenance, IT incidents, and projects
  • Ensure regulatory compliance with both out-of-the-box and easy-to-create customized dashboards and reports
  • Automate your Alternative Equipment Maintenance (AEM) program to easily manage performance and compliance
  • Get full visibility into your warranties and service contracts, including assets covered, cost, coverage levels, renewal dates, and much more
  • Integrate Nuvolo with your EMR, ERP, location tracking system, alert and recall notices, and other applications to get actionable data in one place

Connect Your Clinical Equipment Capital Planning Teams

The Nuvolo Connected Workplace Capital Planning solution gives clinical equipment capital planners the tools you need to easily and accurately prioritize and forecast your clinical equipment replacement needs. Our Capital Planning solution pulls relevant data from your Nuvolo Connected Workplace Clinical Maintenance solution–such as the age, maintenance costs, reliability, and criticality of the equipment–and automatically prioritizes it based on the criteria you determine best fits your organization. Real-time dashboards allow you to see current quantities and the dollar value of equipment that should be considered for replacement–now and in the future–arranged how you want to see it, such as by equipment type, make/model, cost center, and facility. What used to take weeks of analysis using multiple data sources and spreadsheets can now be done instantly and presented professionally with the Capital Planning solution.

Connect Your Facilities Management, Maintenance, and Teams

The days of managing facilities departments with multiple outdated computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) and spreadsheets are over.

The Connected Workplace Facilities Maintenance solution offers all the functionality built into our Clinical Maintenance solution but is designed specifically for facilities management.

Extend your ability to collaborate and track work performed by connecting your environmental services (EVS) teams to the solution. Connected Workplace automates common workflows, generating and tracking work orders for everything from cleaning protocols to repairs to scheduled generator testing.

Hospital staff can quickly report a problem anywhere on their campus through a self-service website. Connected Workplace can then automatically route each work order, identifying the correct team based on the equipment or support needed.

Technicians can use the Nuvolo mobile app to look up information and maintenance history about the equipment and update the work order or asset. This mobile-friendly workflow eliminates paperwork orders, manual data re-entry, and ensures the information is up-to-date and accurate.

Connect Your Cybersecurity Programs

Most healthcare providers have a secure IT environment, but what about the very real cyber risks created from your networked medical and facility equipment (a.k.a. operational technology, or OT)?  Nuvolo Connected Workplace for OT Security improves and simplifies your OT security program by giving you the tools you need to reduce your OT cyber risks, identify threats, and respond when they occur. OT Security can combine your OT monitoring application with your equipment inventory and service management tools, providing visibility between IT, HTM/CE, and facilities departments to enable orchestrated prevention and remediation of OT cyber threats.

The Nuvolo OT Security solution also provides the tools to:

  • Assess each device’s cybersecurity risk
  • Apply applicable settings to ensure an effective cybersecurity posture
  • Track updates to the security settings
  • Enable workflows that help orchestrate responses to threats

Connect Your Real Estate and Space Management Functionality

Whether it’s clinical spaces, offices, labs, or warehouses, you can get the full picture of your properties, leases, and spaces and understand exactly how they’re being used.

Nuvolo Connected Workplace Real Estate and Space solutions give you complete control to manage your leases, design flex spaces, set capacity, move employees and assets, reserve space and rooms, and even perform wayfinding—all on a single platform.

Nuvolo can even help you document your space usage for CMS and other regulatory agencies.

Connect Your Project Teams

The Connected Workplace Projects solution manages the delivery of high-quality, cost-effective hospital renovations and new building development. It helps you manage construction projects across facilities, research labs, patient rooms, office spaces, and more.

It also connects to your business operations data for consistent information sharing between team members, departments, and functional areas, so you can more easily collaborate and keep critical projects on track, on budget, and on time. This also means you spend less time manually inputting and tracking things like expenses, cash flow, and vendor contracts.


Interested in learning more? Explore the Nuvolo Connected Workplace for Healthcare solution.