Sep 15, 2020
By Leslie O'Connell
Solution Overview

Connected Workplace for Healthcare

Nuvolo, with the help of veteran healthcare management specialists, built a powerful software platform to support Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) teams. We understand that innovative healthcare organizations need a modern, mobile-first, scalable, and cyber-aware platform.

We work with some of the largest hospital systems in the country. Our mission is to consistently improve and innovate our platform to help HTM teams in their mission – delivering better patient care while ensuring all hospital facilities and medical devices are safe, compliant, and operational.


Nuvolo delivers The Connected Workplace to healthcare organizations

Eliminate department silos. The Connected Workplace is where support teams like HTM, IT, Real Estate, Maintenance, Supply Chain, Pharmacy, Clinical Care, and more, work together on one platform to support the doctors, nurses, and all care team staff.

Nuvolo is built on ServiceNow, one of the world’s leading enterprise cloud platforms. Nuvolo’s Built on NOW strategy provides unprecedented availability, security, flexibility, and performance.

Nuvolo Connected Workplace expands the NOW platform into Facilities and HTM. We deliver solutions for Maintenance, Space, Projects, Real Estate, Sustainability, Capital Planning, and OT Cyber Security to cover all areas of Healthcare Technology Management.

Hospital staff can quickly report a problem anywhere on the hospital campus through our mobile application or self-service website. Then, IT, HTM, and Facilities Technicians use Nuvolo’s mobile app to work quickly and efficiently throughout the hospital campus.

Technicians have instant access to the work order, device service history, service manuals, knowledge bases, spare parts inventory, and training videos. They complete the assigned work directly from the mobile application and track their performance.

The Connected Workplace tracks each medical device, keeps them secure, manages existing inventory, resolve any technical issues that arise, and shares the platform with IT for comprehensive medical equipment management.

The Connected Workplace for Healthcare also:

  • Organizes work orders and preventative maintenance (PM) schedules that can be accessed anywhere on any device and shared with anyone in the hospital.
  • Uses smart dispatching to automate and auto route work orders based on location, device type, model, vendor, and many more.
  • Identifies better ways to maintain clinical devices while ensuring safety and regulatory compliance with Nuvolo’s Alternative Equipment Maintenance (AEM) workflows.
  • Provides visual interactive color-coded floor plan maps so staff and technicians can see and navigate all hospital rooms, devices, and work orders.
  • Uses the same floor maps to track mobile devices with sensor technology in real-time.
  • Measures energy, water, and air quality, ensuring hospitals comply with industry standards and patient comfort.
  • Manages cleanliness, noise level, lighting, call buttons, beds, room temperature, all aspects of the physical hospital setting.
  • Enables work checklists or ’rounds’ for comprehensive Joint Commission or DNV compliance and reporting.
  • Provides project software that tracks the delivery of high quality, cost-effective hospital renovations and new building development.

And so much more.

With Nuvolo Connected Workplace, the actionable analytics for clinical device inventory, work orders, space planning, and more is invaluable.


All this data on one platform transforms the level of service your hospital provides.

Your support teams have the data to make better clinical and business decisions. For example:

  • Your HTM and Facilities teams can answer critical device questions like: Is the device service contract needed? Should we repair or replace the device? What devices have alerts and recalls? How many ventilators do we have? Where are they located? Are they patient ready?
  • The data will uncover any recurring problems with medical devices or facilities equipment so you can quickly fix them and create a more comfortable and safer environment for patients.
  • Your Real Estate team can track and evaluate projects to deliver high quality, cost-effective hospital renovations, and new building development.

Whether you’re building a new hospital, planning expensive equipment purchases, creating compliance dashboards, or tracking space utilization – use Nuvolo’s connected analytics to make better business decisions.


Medical Device Cyber Security – Yes, that’s connected too!

As more medical devices connect to the network, the risk of cyber security becomes a real challenge for IT and HTM teams. Nuvolo brings medical device data into the NOW platform, where IT, security, and HTM teams share visibility. IT knows where the medical device is, knows what it is, and can act on threats and vulnerabilities.

Nuvolo Connected Workplace for Healthcare provides an improved technician experience, better real-time reporting, compliance tracking, and process simplicity. In the Connected Workplace, high standards, collaboration, and safety are built-in and automated, keeping your hospitals and medical centers safe and reliable so doctors and nurses can focus on improved patient outcomes.


This article was previously featured in a Technation Company Showcase