The Connected Hospital – How One Hospital Tore Down Its Silos

The Challenge

A 300-bed hospital decided it needed to expand and modernize its Emergency Department. To do this, it needed to push the ED into the office area and conference room currently being used by hospital leadership.

The Solution

Utilizing the Nuvolo Space product, space planners tried to identify if there was any unused space in the hospital where the leadership team could be moved. Finding some space–but not enough–at a nearby leased office building, the real estate team utilized the Nuvolo Real Estate product to negotiate new favorable terms to add additional space to their lease agreement. Meanwhile, the hospital construction team used the Nuvolo Projects product to issue requests for proposals to construction companies and subcontractors to do the necessary renovation work on the ED, as well as the newly leased office space.

Once the contractors were chosen and construction began, other hospital support teams, like HTM, the facilities team, IT, and supply chain were needed to support the project. Utilizing the Projects product to keep the project on track and on budget, all teams were able to see what needed to occur and when, and they could track their expenses.

Using the Nuvolo HTM Asset Management CMMS, the HTM department inventoried the new clinical equipment purchased for the ED, easily set them up on planned maintenance schedules that aligned with the other equipment in the ED, and created initial inspection work orders to satisfy regulatory requirements. When assistance was needed from the facilities department, IT, or environmental services, HTM simply created another work order (assigned to the parent work order) and transferred it to the appropriate department to complete.

The facilities team worked with their Nuvolo Facilities Maintenance CMMS to inventory the assets needed for the new spaces and assign work orders for the work that they needed to complete. Throughout the project, they needed support from IT. Because IT used ServiceNow™ to track incidents, the facilities department could easily transfer work orders to IT with their work order notes, ensuring complete documentation of all the work performed by multiple teams.

Securing Against Cyberattacks

The facilities and HTM departments–working with information security–also wanted to make sure all networked devices they managed–known as operational technology (OT)—were protected from cyberattacks. The teams integrated their networked equipment to a third-party passive network monitoring application and used the Nuvolo OT Security product to identify cyber risks and establish response protocols on every device. When a threat is identified, work orders identifying the impacted device(s) can be automatically created through their respective Nuvolo CMMS and dispatched to the appropriate teams for an immediate and coordinated response.

Future Plans

After all work was completed and the expanded ED was opened, the Nuvolo Space product was utilized again to document the expanded space usage in the ED and justify the increase in Medicare reimbursement submittals. The newly built executive conference room was added to the Nuvolo Reservations application so that staff could reserve the space for future meetings.

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