Children’s Hospital Streamlines Operations with Nuvolo Connected Workplace

Building a Healthcare Giant

On the cusp of opening the country’s most advanced children’s hospital in the Southeast, its leadership faced a critical decision. Tasked with creating a best-in-class infrastructure, the VP of Information Services and Technology Operations knew the IT backbone had to be robust, scalable, and future-ready. The ServiceNow NOW platform was their framework of choice, but their existing solutions for facilities management and clinical engineering – a homegrown system, Accruent TMS, and AIMS – were disparate, outdated, and not supported on NOW. This fragmented approach threatened to hinder operational efficiency.

The Challenge: Siloed Systems and a Looming Deadline

The newly appointed CTO inherited this complex problem. Managing three separate systems meant siloed data, duplicated efforts, and a high risk of errors. Efficiency would be hampered by the lack of a single source of truth and the burden of maintaining multiple vendor relationships across various systems. On top of that, the looming fall 2024 opening added pressure to find a solution quickly.

Nuvolo: A Single Platform for Streamlined Operations

The children’s hospital needed a solution that could unify their facilities and clinical engineering (also known as Biomed or HTM) departments. Nuvolo Connected Workplace for Healthcare emerged as the perfect fit. Here’s how Nuvolo addressed their key requirements:

  • Streamlined Maintenance: Nuvolo facilitated the management of planned and preventative maintenance for both facilities and medical equipment, providing a centralized view for improved workflow and resource allocation.
  • Unified Data Source: Nuvolo’s asset hierarchy, standardized space table, and healthcare-specific risk scoring ensured consistent and reliable data across all departments.
  • Consolidated Vendor Support: By consolidating onto a single platform, the children’s hospital reduced their vendors from 3 down to 1, achieving cost savings and simplifying communication.
  • Aligned with IT Strategy: Nuvolo’s NOW compatibility ensured seamless integration with their existing IT infrastructure, allowing for a unified operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) approach.
  • Ensured Compliance with Regulations: With built-in compliance controls, the children’s hospital could maintain accurate documentation and ensure processes are followed.

Bonus Benefits

Beyond the core functionalities, Nuvolo offered additional advantages:

  • Improved Contract Management: Nuvolo’s features facilitated better contract tracking and management, saving time and resources.
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): Consolidating onto a single platform lowered overall software and maintenance costs.
  • Enhanced Engineer Efficiency: Nuvolo’s user-friendly interface simplified workflows for facilities and Biomed staff, boosting productivity.

The Nuvolo Difference

The major children’s hospital found Nuvolo Connected Workplace for Healthcare to be the ideal solution for their operational and compliance needs. With a single, unified platform, they can now:

  • Ensure the smooth operation of their state-of-the-art facility.
  • Maintain the highest standards of patient care with efficient medical equipment management.
  • Scale their operations with ease as they continue to grow.

As the children’s hospital opens the doors of its new facility in fall 2024, they do so with the confidence of a streamlined and future-ready infrastructure, powered by Nuvolo Connected Workplace for Healthcare.