Chevron Improves Its Global Facilities Maintenance and Vendor Management Process

Chevron, one of the world’s leading integrated energy companies, is “constantly working to provide reliable, affordable and ever-cleaner energy for the millions around the world” that rely on them. They believe in the “power of human ingenuity to lead us to a brighter future.”

They’re innovators, right down to the facilities maintenance and workplace solutions that support their global offices.

The division that handles Chevron’s workplaces is known as CEMREC, Chevron Environmental Management and Real Estate Company. They’re responsible for managing a vast portfolio of buildings across the 47 countries where Chevron operates–1,282 buildings, to be exact.

This group has a mission to improve the quality of facilities maintenance for their businesses worldwide by making their vendors trusted partners.

They’re achieving this vision with the help of Deloitte consulting services and the right technology platform–Nuvolo Connected Workplace.

Going from a Legacy IWMS to Nuvolo Connected Workplace 

Chevron’s real estate group started with a small portfolio of buildings. In the beginning, Chevron employees at each location were supporting their own workplaces.

As their building portfolio grew, they implemented an integrated workplace management system (IWMS) to better support work order management and understand how their buildings operate.

The IWMS made things easier for a while. Unfortunately, each building operations team customized it to fit their work processes, making it impossible to do upgrades and improvements, and more importantly, business analytics.

They needed a better way of handling facilities operations.

They evaluated different IWMS platforms, including the one they were using, and decided that Nuvolo offered the flexibility, scalability, and functionality to create the platform they envisioned for the future of their changing workplace.

A Platform Called OMNI Built on Nuvolo

What’s OMNI?

OMNI is what Chevron named their internal Nuvolo platform. OMNI means “all,” so the name is a good representation of the solution. The OMNI platform captures all location, work, and asset data.

Chevron embraced vendor outsourcing and transformed facilities operations with OMNI by:

  • Leveraging an API architecture so vendors could ‘plug in’ to their system and processes
  • Staying 100% out of the box to standardize data and work across all facilities
  • Ensuring they own all the data captured, so they can maintain a central and accurate database of all work and assets

They created a standard technical interface (API) that allows vendors to “plug in” their maintenance management tools. Supplier onboarding or vendor switching is now done by unplugging one and plugging in another. Chevron is no longer required to align to their vendor’s needs; that’s the supplier’s responsibility now.

In addition, Chevon operates eight smaller locations with internal staff, not vendors. OMNI allows internal operations to use the Nuvolo product. Whether work is done internally or by a vendor, all data has the same appearance, making it one dataset for business analytics.

This open architecture platform works on a global scale because it remains an out-of-the-box solution; Chevron does not allow customizations. This is a tremendous advantage in keeping standards high and maintaining accurate data.

Chevron Nuvolo Architecture


The OMNI Advantages

Chevron built a solid vendor program and created trust with their suppliers through OMNI. This business model has a lot of advantages—here are just a few.

Lower Costs and Higher Service Quality

The technical interface (API) that third-party vendors are connecting to is bi-directional, so Chevron can see everything happening in real-time. They can monitor the quality and time it takes for service calls, see problem areas quickly, fix any operational issues with speed, and improve overall work performance.

In addition, they reconcile work orders against actual vendor services, allowing them to see if service level agreements (SLAs) are being met. Dashboards are created for all vendors and locations, allowing Chevron operations to continually measure and monitor work order progress.

In addition:

  • Underperforming or costly vendors are a thing of the past due to increased vendor data visibility
  • The time and money spent training vendors is redirected now that all work is managed on the supplier’s platform
  • No customizations are allowed on the platform, which makes upgrades less costly and much easier
  • Moving to a new vendor is now easy and allows Chevron to adjust based on business needs
  • Comparing vendor performance and cost against one another is now possible with this model

Facility Condition Assessments

When vendor data is captured on one platform, the result is an accurate asset database. Chevron leverages that asset data and its vendor relationships to create its facility condition assessments (FCA) program.

A facility condition assessment (FCA) analyzes the physical condition of your facility, individual spaces, and equipment. The FCA is a starting point for understanding the overall building and asset value, and it’s only useful if you’re also tracking asset maintenance lifecycles.

Chevron recognized that for their FCA project to be successful, they needed to partner with Nuvolo to update the platform. Chevron’s expertise and their FCA product suggestions helped shape Nuvolo’s facility condition assessment functionality.

Nuvolo’s updates included a facility condition index formula calculated as the sum of estimated repair cost (deficiency)/replacement value. Combined with other FCA report calculations, this functionality meant Chevron could move ahead with the FCA program.

Today, Chevron uses high-level engineers in the field to document the state of its facilities. Then they use the data captured by their suppliers during equipment maintenance to track and update the FCI score continually.

Accurate FCI scores for their facilities and assets give them the business intelligence to make cost-effective decisions about their building, space, and equipment longevity.

…at the building level, to the floor level, to the equipment level, if changes are made it affects our condition index score and allows us to understand how our buildings are operating. It also allows us to plan for the future by understanding where we should put our capital investments.”


Jason Hakes, Asset Management Specialist, Chevron

Improved Data Quality and Analysis

Tracking FCA data, asset information, and preventive and corrective work orders on a single platform gives Chevron unprecedented data accuracy to create powerful analytics.

Like many corporations, reporting used to be an individual task that made centralized analysis almost impossible. Now, with an out-of-the-box solution like Nuvolo, there’s standardization.

Chevon doesn’t allow reports to be customized. This way, they manage how people see and analyze the data. This is an entirely transformational rule and enables data analytics to remain consistent throughout the organization, providing cohesive business decision-making.

They’ve created dashboards with complete visibility of supplier performance, allowing them to trust the supplier is managing their work correctly. They even designed a workflow to send out a client survey to rate the work performed by the vendor.


Putting the same data at everyone’s fingertips, it just helps the business and the whole organization.”


Courtney Lucky, Platform and Data Analyst, Chevron

One Platform = Faster Solutions

Chevron implemented OMNI in the middle of the pandemic when everyone was still working from home. As employees returned to the office and Chevron needed to understand building capacity requirements, they discussed a new request for space demand forecasting.

They looked to Nuvolo to see if we had a space demand forecasting solution. They implemented it into the OMNI architecture in a fraction of the time it would have taken to build.

Nuvolo Connected Workplace delivers a single platform solution that aligns with the OMNI architecture, allowing Chevron to benefit from updates and additions to our comprehensive suite of workplace solutions.

Next on their agenda is to implement space reservation functionality, so employees have the flexibility to book and reserve desks and conference rooms across Chevron’s global offices.

Hear Chevron tell their story by watching our on-demand webinar, How Chevron Transformed Their Global Facilities Maintenance.