A Better Way to Manage Your Spaces

Make the most of your current spaces and plan for future scenarios—all with a single product.

  • Understand how your spaces are being used
  • Streamline planning and execution for office moves
  • Forecast future space needs

Space Management, Done Differently

Office environments and employee expectations have changed. Do you have the tools to manage this transition?

  • Manage Hybrid Spaces
    Manage Hybrid Spaces

    Manage flexible working spaces and allow employees to choose when and where they work

  • Streamline Office Moves
    Streamline Office Moves

    Visualize, plan, and execute moves with intuitive tools and automatic work orders

  • Plan for the Future
    Plan for the Future

    Capture utilization data to help make decisions about future real estate and space needs

Maximize Your Square Footage

Track, manage and plan your spaces while providing a positive experience for your employees.

dashboard showing space allocation software and enterprise space planning

Create Purposeful Spaces

Build a workplace with your employees in mind.

  • Define the attributes of each space, including location, capacity, and more
  • Plan unlimited what-if scenarios based on existing and future space needs
  • Leverage drag-and-drop tools to visualize and update spaces by individual and department
screenshot showing move management and seat management software

Big or Small Moves Made Simple

Plan and execute bulk and individual seat moves.

  • Assign seats with space entitlement rules and automatic alerts when there’s a capacity conflict
  • Combine multiple move requests to streamline move coordination across teams
  • Use pre-determined move templates to schedule and execute move activities
dashboard showing space demand forecasting visualization

Predict What’s to Come

Accurately make projections on the future of your workplace.

  • Create yearly forecast surveys based on headcounts by sites or departments
  • Conduct and delegate space surveys
  • Generate easy-to-digest reports on space projections to inform future decisions

See It In Action

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More Than Just Space Planning

Easily connect teams across your organization to maximize operations, and get a clear view into the business.

  • Reservations

  • Facilities Maintenance

  • Real Estate

  • Capital Planning


Empower your employees to choose where they work while uncovering additional insights you to need to optimize your spaces.

Facilities Maintenance

Execute maintenance, cleaning, and inspections at regular intervals to ensure that all assets within your spaces are operating correctly.

Real Estate

Gather real-time space utilization data to spot trends, and make informed decisions about your real estate portfolio.

Capital Planning

Keep your spaces safe and operational by planning for large scale projects and renovations.

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