Capital Planning

Turn Reactive and Subjective Decisions into Data-Driven Insights

Make the most of your time and capital budgets.

  • Easily prioritize your capital needs 
  • Create short and long-term plans
  • Make strategic decisions with real-time data  
  • Tie plans to projects and execute them with one solution

Streamline Your Planning Process 

Be sure you're investing in the right capital projects with accurate asset data.

  • Identify Capital Needs 
    Identify Capital Needs 

    Accelerate your planning process by easily identifying and prioritizing your capital needs based on the most relevant data

  • Maximize Capital Budgets 
    Maximize Capital Budgets 

    Optimize your budget once your projects are prioritized by accessing up-to-date asset data

  • Accelerate Approvals
    Accelerate Approvals

    Help the approval process with straightforward, data-driven dashboards and insights

Be Confident in your Capital Planning Decisions

When your asset and space data is in one place, you have better insights into the performance and health of your facilities.

Automated Prioritization

Leverage an algorithm that automatically prioritizes and filters assets based on age, risk, condition, performance, and other factors.

Capture Additional Asset Information

Empower employees to request previously unknown or unreported capital needs using a form and fill in information gaps through surveys.  

Continuous Improvement

Create a single source of truth for your assets by connecting capital plans and projects to asset records.

See It In Action

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Capital Projects 

Once your capital plan is approved, seamlessly create a capital project to keep track of every step.

  • Procurement Management 

  • Punch Lists 

  • Permits 

Centralize RFIs, submittals, sourcing contracts, and choosing vendors—making it easier to select the right team for the project.  

Streamline construction with punch list items, including project owners, deadlines, and estimated value. 

Track all required permits throughout their lifecycles.

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