Real Estate

Full Real Estate Lifecycle Management

Centralize your leases and owned property details to better plan, manage, and optimize your portfolio.

  • Eliminate redundant, manual work
  • Stay on top of critical dates
  • Make proactive, data-driven decisions

Take Control of Your Real Estate Portfolio

Consolidate your records and workflows to streamline your processes, stay compliant, and plan for the future.

  • Reduce Manual Work
    Reduce Manual Work

    Consolidate your details to reduce redundant data entry and potential errors, and ensure you always have the most current information

  • Never Miss a Critical Date
    Never Miss a Critical Date

    Create property lifecycle workflows, set up custom scheduling, and get alerts for important dates and milestones

  • Proactively Plan for the Future
    Proactively Plan for the Future

    Use real-time data to make strategic decisions about your properties

Have Confidence in Your Portfolio

Whether you're managing 5 or 5,000 properties, keeping track of key data is critical.

visualization of property and lease information and portfolio management

Lease Administration

Keep track of your options, renewals, expirations, key clauses, amendments, and more.

  • Classify leases and contracts based on hierarchy and auto-associate business logic
  • Automatically alert you to overdue payments based on due dates
  • Upload and save clauses, amendments, and important documents for easy reference

Lease Accounting

Create lease lifecycle workflows, custom scheduling, and recurring payments.

  • Accurately calculate general ledger entries
  • Comply with ASC 842 and IFRS 16 accounting standards
  • Track lease costs, recurring payments, amendments, and clauses
screenshot of real estate administration with property management fields

Portfolio Management

Track KPIs to gain insight into the health, status, and behavior of your portfolio.

  • Gain a transparent view across your portfolio with reports and dashboards
  • Trigger performance analyses for individual locations and initiative actions for evaluation
  • Conduct comparative analyses to flag inefficient use of a property

Transaction Management

Manage all transactions in one place throughout the lifecycle of your real estate journey. 

  • Consolidate all your records, workflows, and approvals from discovery to closing 
  • Track the design, drafts, and space utilization projections for the selected prospect locations in a market analysis 
  • View all necessary actions and supporting documents to execute different transactions in one application

See It In Action

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Meaningful Insights at Your Fingertips

Incorporate data from your facilities, space, and capital planning products to determine your long term real estate strategy.

  • Space

  • Facilities Maintenance

  • Capital Planning


Understand how and when your spaces are being used so you can right-size your portfolio when you need to.

Facilities Maintenance

Track all asset information, including costs, condition assessments, related service contracts, work performed, and more—in one place.

Capital Planning

Speed up your planning process by easily identifying, assessing, and prioritizing your capital needs, asset repairs, and replacements based on the most accurate data.

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