Leading Software Company Moves to a Modern Solution to Manage Their Workplace

Excel Challenge

One of Silicon Valley’s leading enterprise software companies employs over 6,000 people, manages 10,000+ workspaces globally across more than 70 locations, and is growing rapidly. Until recently, their space and move management solution was Excel spreadsheets. Explained their VP of Real Estate and Workspace, “If you can imagine the complexity and amount of data we had to gather to work with Excel. I can’t even begin to tell you how challenging that was.”

“For a fast-growing technology company, we were required to manage a lot of data. Maintaining the accuracy and integrity of the information was a never-ending problem for the VP and his team. “We had tons of data challenges. All our data was input and handled by human beings. The predictable result with that many manual inputs was lots of bad or incomplete data and issues,” added the VP.  “Our biggest challenge was not just errors, it was that our information quickly became out of date. If you have to determine manually who is sitting where across more than 10,000 workspaces, by the time you’re finished, your data is obsolete. It’s like painting a bridge. As soon as you’ve finished, you have to start all over again.”

Putting “Customers” First

The company’s facilities team is at the forefront of a “Workplace Experience” movement where employees are thought of as the customer. Utilizing Nuvolo Connected Workplace to enable the best possible workplace experience was a key aspect of this effort. “A cornerstone of our strategy was a commitment to employee self-service and delivering an amazing experience to our customer: the employee,” according to the VP.

“The vast majority of our workforce could not interact with a floorplan; they had to download a PDF. After we deployed Nuvolo, we now have 100% of our floorplans available online and our employees can interact with them…including searches. Previously, the employee experience would include downloading PDFs and manually searching through them to determine available space or where someone was sitting.”

With Nuvolo, the new interactive floor plans enable employees to request a new workspace or a move using a simple, easy-to-use, self-service portal. The portal also allows employees (customers) the flexibility, subject to some general parameters, to choose the workspace where they feel most comfortable. This self-service commitment represents a key aspect of the effort to enhance the overall employee workplace experience.

Easier Onboarding

The Nuvolo Connected Workplace Space solution enhances the value of the company’s HR software from ServiceNow, according to the VP.

“Nuvolo provides an important and valuable extension of our employee onboarding, with the ability to drag and drop new or existing employees into a new workspace. You can even model the relocations of entire groups in advance to make sure everyone fits before the work begins. Before Nuvolo, we had to do all of this manually. This is a game-changer for the enterprise as well as the team responsible for space management. It’s going to be a big deal for them. Planning your space anywhere in the world for one person or 150 people is now simple, modern, and really cool with Nuvolo. That’s a really big change.”

Only the Beginning

Nuvolo’s native architecture and ease of use were the deciding factors for the VP and his team. That decision will ultimately help them deliver an outstanding workplace experience for years to come.

“We spent a lot of time looking at what was available in the market. The key criteria for us was the ability to help support our rapidly growing business together with a solution built on our existing NOW platform. Given those two critical requirements, selecting Nuvolo was an easy choice for us. It would be really hard to deliver on our commitment to a world-class employee experience with a third-party product that was integrated but not native to the ServiceNow platform. We are really happy with our decision to choose Nuvolo.”