Track Your Company's Footprint

Meeting sustainability goals means helping protect our collective future. 

  • Track water and energy consumption
  • Monitor and analyze your carbon footprint 
  • Import connected meter readings to report usage 

Measure Every Watt, Everywhere

Cut excess and know how your energy is being used, so both your business and the environment can thrive in the long term.

  • Report on Utility Usage
    Report on Utility Usage

    Monitor and act on your usage across all locations and find new ways to reduce costs

  • Meet Regulatory Standards
    Meet Regulatory Standards

    Analyze key data about your energy and carbon footprint with easy-to-use reporting tools

  • Track Waste and Optimize Space
    Track Waste and Optimize Space

    Easily visualize and manage waste throughout your organization and determine ideal space usage across your entire real estate portfolio

Making It Easier to Make an Impact

Meeting sustainability goals starts with having the right tools in place so you can track and optimize the metrics that matter.

Water and Energy Consumption

Set thresholds and alerts for energy use, find anomalies, and sort energy expenses by geography, building, utility type, and more.

  • Water usage 
  • Electricity usage 
  • Gas usage 

Waste Tracking

Create and maintain reports across locations to meet regulatory requirements and reduce overall waste production. 

  • Liquid, organic, and solid waste 
  • Recyclables  
  • Hazardous waste 

Connected Meter Readings 

Save time and simplify processes by pulling meter reading data directly into your energy reports. 

  • Gas meter readings 
  • Electric meter readings 
  • Water meter readings 

See It In Action

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