Capital Projects

Stay on Top of Your Project Details

Plan, track, and manage your capital projects from one place.

  • Stay organized and on schedule
  • Foster cross-team collaboration
  • Gain visibility into progress and spend against budget

Project Planning Done Right

All of your project's details in one place, available in real-time for everyone involved in getting the job done.

  • Stop Chasing Paperwork
    Stop Chasing Paperwork

    Find the information you need when you need it by centralizing all project documentation.

  • Increase Transparency
    Increase Transparency

    Minimize confusion across teams with up-to-date approvals, information logs, and scheduling.

  • Access Real-Time Reports
    Access Real-Time Reports

    Create dashboards to track all deliverables, avoid surprises, and keep teams accountable.

Make Project Management More Manageable

Stay on top of every detail, so you can deliver every project on time and on budget.

Start Each Project Strong 

Hit the ground running once your project plans are approved.

  • Define any project requirements and deliverables. Manage scope changes that may occur throughout the execution
  • Ensure the project’s alignment with business objectives with a simple project approval workflow
  • Use Gantt charts to create tasks and manage complex dependencies

Keep Projects On Track

Ensure each milestone is met while optimizing resources. 

  • Track project capacity, including hours and budget allocated per resource
  • Mitigate issues by monitoring, detailing, and scoring risks before they are realized
  • Maintain detailed meeting minutes and easily update the status of each step of the project

Replicate Success

Understand what worked, and what didn’t, to improve future projects.

  • Set up a baseline to enable a comparison between a project plan, budget, and actual performance
  • Use reports and dashboards to track deliverables and vendor performance
  • Create project templates that make the planning process for similar projects more efficient

See It In Action

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No Detail Too Big or Too Small

Connect and empower construction with real-time information.

  • Procurement Management

  • Punch Lists

  • Permits

Procurement Management

Centralize RFIs, submittals, sourcing contracts, and vendors—making it easier to select the right team for the project.

Punch Lists

Streamline construction with punch list items, including who is responsible, deadlines, and estimated value.


Track all required permits throughout their lifecycles.

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