Oct 24, 2019
By Lisa Laczynski

Nuvolo, Extending the ServiceNow Platform to Facilities and Space Management, Creates the Connected Workplace

Nuvolo, the world’s leading Connected Workplace Company, and the largest built on ServiceNow partner created The Connected Workplace by expanding the ServiceNow platform into Facilities and Space management.

Facility management teams’ success is measured on their ability to see and act on data in new ways and ensure a consistent customer experience. Many teams are constrained by their legacy enterprise asset management (EAM) and computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS). They are hard to maintain, offer limited flexibility and mobile capability, and hinder growth and productivity for the enterprise.

The Connected Workplace is all employees, all physical locations, all assets, and all business services – all aspects of enterprise service management for an organization – residing on one platform.


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ServiceNow provides IT, SecOps, Customer Service, and HR service management to its customers. Nuvolo’s ServiceNow Facilities Management platform extends the ServiceNow infrastructure into other areas of your operations to manage maintenance, assets, projects, capital planning, space, leases, real estate, sustainability, and OT Cyber Security.

Nuvolo’s facilities management platform helps teams create seamless digital workflows with IT with a single system of record, eliminating the need to continue relying on disparate systems to retrieve the data they need.

Companies have experienced the power of the ServiceNow platform in their IT operations. They are enabling more digital workflows and application consolidation. They now have an opportunity to transform the way they manage assets, maintenance, and so much more to improve service quality and financial visibility.

They need a flexible cloud infrastructure that automates workflows and processes and makes data more powerful and useful, and we’re excited that Nuvolo makes that possible on the ServiceNow platform.

The Nuvolo/ServiceNow platform provides unique capabilities to maximize equipment and facilities uptime, lower maintenance costs, and improve service management efficiency:

  • Mobile offline functionality: Continue data capture and work regardless of an available Wi-Fi connection and automatically sync when back online.
  • Space and move management: Nuvolo’s space planning solution natively plugs into ServiceNow. No API’s No Integrations, no development required. Nuvolo transforms a Facilities, IT & HR headache into a connected workplace reality.
  • Intuitive floor mapping technology: With native AutoCAD integration, it immediately transforms an entire facility on paper into a digital, interactive, floor by floor plan of facilities infrastructure and equipment.
  • Automate active knowledge: Pre-populate every make and model, procedure, manual, checklist, and more to optimize maintenance processes and activities.
  • Real-time reporting and analytics: Tap into data insights correlating to each asset and facility in just a few clicks. Track historical data and leverage the platform’s three levels of maintenance analytics—corrective, preventive, and predictive—to optimize resource utilization and improve decision making with maintenance issues.
  • Simplified work order management: Use smart dispatching to automate and autoroute your work orders based on location, certifications, vendor preference, etc. The nearest technician in the field with the right machine certification is assigned the work order.
  • Comprehensive Preventative Maintenance Management: quickly organize all work orders and design preventative maintenance (PM) schedules that can be accessed anywhere on any device and shared with anyone in the organization.
  • Cloud-powered inventory control: Enable teams to be on the same page with inventory every step of the way. The platform’s dashboard collates inventory data offering more insights into how inventory is trending. Users can execute transfers, new purchases, and drawdowns without needing to go through multiple steps. And the platform auto-replenishes inventory thresholds in real-time.
  • Customer and supplier management: Track the performance of your outsourcing partners’ entitlements and service- level agreements in real-time.

Powered by a culture of innovation and a relentless commitment to customer service, Nuvolo is revolutionizing the workplace. Fully optimized for growing mobile forces worldwide, Nuvolo delivers a simple, intuitive, and user-friendly online and offline mobile device experience.

Our workplaces can be cleaner, more comfortable, and welcoming with the promise of a connected workplace.

Nuvolo + ServiceNow

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