Sep 21, 2020
By Leslie O'Connell
Solution Overviews

Space in the Connected Workplace

Managing space is intricate; it’s managing physical space inventory and optimizing that space for return-to-the-workplace guidelines, all while controlling costs. It’s managing moves, reservations, real estate utilization, and space planning.

Nuvolo Space turns your static floor plans into interactive virtual guides while eliminating spreadsheets and disconnected software.

Are you re-organizing your building or campus for returning employees, managing new space optimization rules, or evaluating your real-estate portfolio? Break down barriers and enable Facilities, HR, IT, Security – any department – to collaborate on a single platform.

All Workplace Management Tools Living on One Platform

Interactive Floor Plans

Space management starts with interactive, easy visualization of your buildings and campuses. Our interactive floor plans provide easy collaboration with all people, all physical locations, assets, and all work.

Key Features include:

  • Support for AutoCAD, Revit, and BIM floorplans
  • Bi-directional syncing with AutoCAD
  • Ability to layer and color code people, assets, and spaces in any set of combinations


Not sure where you’re going? No problem. Search for people, locations, and things, and Wayfinding will find the exact location on an interactive map.

Wayfinding helps users find any location around campus, indoor, and out.  Use interactive maps to find your office desk, a hospital room, a laboratory, a college classroom – any location within a large campus, or an individual building.

Space Reservations

Give your employees a robust reservation system for reserving rooms, desks, and other spaces. Employees can reserve a space from a form or floor map, while previewing pictures and specific details for the space, ensuring they have the right location for their needs.

They can make reservations through our easy to use portal, see where their team members are sitting, and save their workspace preferences. You can also incorporate location barcode scanning for one-click reservations.

Workspace Planner

Our Workspace Planner gives your move coordinators an easy way to visualize assets, employees, and workspaces in real-time.

Streamline your move management with the ease of drag-and-drop features. Visualize what spaces are available; see shared offices, or view designated hoteling locations by color code. You can hover over spaces to see the square footage or how many people could occupy that space. And, run a move simulation virtually, ensuring success before the actual move.

Move Scheduler

Once a redesign or move is in place virtually, the solution will auto-generate and auto-assign work orders. Those work orders are managed in an intuitive, easy to use dashboard.

Cards are created for each work order, and tasks organized in a logical workflow. For instance, if you’re redesigning an office space, work orders to move out the furniture are completed before an electrician is dispatched.

Return-to-the-Workplace Planning

Space management software is a ‘must-have’ in planning your organization’s return to the workplace. Nuvolo Space helps you create and maintain well-designed, safe workplaces employees will be comfortable coming back to.

Space Reservation connected with Facilities and Space Management automates and streamlines your new facilities’ design and cleaning procedures. The automation is tied directly into reservations, giving your employees peace of mind that their workplaces are safe and sanitized.

Some key benefits include:

  • Return-to-the-Workplace Solution — space is the core product for organizing your return-to-workplace planning and reopening.
  • Space Utilization Tracking — use customizable reporting and dashboards to enable space planning forecasts and model different “what-if” scenarios
  • Move Scenario Planning — bring your static floor plans to life with occupancy data, department ownership, space types, and interactive planning features to generate different move scenarios
  • Mobile Access — technicians have access to move work order details and move checklists on our mobile application
  • Integrating with HR — utilize configurable business processes and workflow features to onboard new employees with coordinated office move-in activities

And last but not least, we can truly say we’re an industry leader in Space Management, as demonstrated by two recently awarded patents. Read the press release to learn more.

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