Apr 26, 2021
By Kate Camerlin

Why Your Latest Facility Condition Index Score (FCI) Might Not Be Accurate

A Facilities Condition Assessment (FCA) is the analysis of the physical condition of your facility–including its age, construction, and the condition of individual spaces and equipment. You can then use this assessment to give your building a Facilities Condition Index (FCI) score.

This score provides insights into how your facility management rates in comparison with other spaces, and it can also let you see how the condition of the building is trending over time. FCIs are often calculated using the formula:

Estimated Repair Cost (Deficiency)) / Replacement Value of the Facility

A lower FCI means that you need to invest less into the facility compared to its overall value. A higher score, however, means that you need to invest more into repairs.

Why is this important?

FCIs allow you to understand how your buildings are operating and how to prepare for the future.

When you have more accurate FCI scores, you can better prioritize maintenance repairs, forecast upcoming costs, and make data-driven decisions around capital planning. These scores provide a valuable look into your real estate portfolio, and they help you to plan and prioritize projects over both the short- and long-term.

Key Challenges in Obtaining Facility Condition Index Scores

The process for performing FCAs can often be highly manual–especially if tracked over time using spreadsheets.

It’s also difficult to combine the high-level architectural and engineering assessments conducted in the field with the equipment-level data provided by suppliers and manufacturers.

Ultimately, FCAs and the corresponding FCIs can get stale if you aren’t easily able to update and input new information into your assessments. But if you only look at individual assets, you won’t get a true score for your facility.

Streamlining your data management process

Nuvolo lets you combine a high-level view of your facilities portfolio with a dynamic, detailed look into your individual assets.

The facility condition assessment functionality in Nuvolo Connected Workplace enables you to keep track of any asset deficiencies. You can define estimated total repair costs and simultaneously get a holistic look at your facilities. It automatically calculates the FCI from within the platform.

Architects and engineers in the field can analyze facilities and perform FCAs of buildings–cataloging equipment, spaces, and assets in Nuvolo. Additionally, suppliers can track fixes and replacements for individual pieces of equipment within the same platform.

This provides a detailed look at what happens to your FCI score when you make repairs or replacements, as you and your teams can input changes and monitor how your scores are affected. For example, you can see how your score improves when you replace a chiller or HVAC system in one of your facilities.

With Nuvolo, you can also track inflation. If you replace an asset, your score changes for the better. If nothing is done, the score can change over time for the worse.

Nuvolo Connected Workplace enables you to access and update information about all your facilities and assets in one place, so you don’t have to juggle multiple spreadsheets or systems–saving you time. Track and input items including:

  • Deferred maintenance
  • Remaining useful life for assets, systems, and inventory
  • Asset compliance to regulations
  • Overall building repair or replacement costs

You can generate electronic condition assessments, attach images to deficiencies to make them easier to analyze and locate, and report FCI scores across your entire portfolio.

Going beyond the Facility Condition Index score

You can easily act on your FCI scores with Nuvolo Connected Workplace.

Nuvolo Connected Workplace offers one integrated platform to submit work orders, track repairs, and find assets using interactive floorplans. Plus, Nuvolo lets you create custom reports and dashboards to analyze and communicate your assessments and results with ease.

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