Nov 06, 2020
By Leslie O'Connell
Solution Overviews

Projects in the Connected Workplace

New construction and renovation projects require collaboration with finance, vendor management, and facilities departments, among others. So why are companies still using construction management software that isn’t connected to their enterprise management solutions?

If the software systems being used aren’t communicating, you’re going to be manually sharing data, which is time consuming and error prone, and will cause project delays.

The real value of Capital project software is in analyzing the data. Without a connected solution, you’re missing out on real-time business intelligence that drives on time completion and project savings.

There is a solution, a capital project management module built on your enterprise software platform.

We bring construction and renovation project management into enterprise business operations.

Nuvolo’s Projects module is the only modern, cloud-based capital projects solution built on your enterprise management platform. Our one platform solution to new construction and renovation is founded on the reality that such projects are part of business operations, not a separate entity. Data is consistent between team members, departments, functions, and business units.

In addition to standard construction management tasks, you can handle work orders, preventative maintenance, asset management, space management, field dispatch during and after construction, on the same platform.

When all projects, invoices, contracts, work orders, assets, and other critical data reside in the same database, you have unprecedented business intelligence. You can  drill down into the details and be confident in your ability to answer tough questions.

Key Project Benefits

  • Budget planning
  • Permit tracking
  • Resource management
  • Cost reporting
  • Gantt charts
  • Work order management app
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Bidding and sourcing process
  • RFI’s and RFP’s
  • Vendor portal
  • Cost baseline comparison

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