Jun 08, 2021
By Kate Camerlin

The Critical Differences Between a Traditional Integrated Workplace Management System and Nuvolo Connected Workplace

An integrated workplace management system (IWMS) helps an organization manage its facilities and assets, monitor its real estate portfolio, and connect its business services. The goal of an IWMS is to help a company make evidence-based decisions by consolidating data from multiple areas (such as facilities and lease information) into one application.

Traditional IWMS solutions span five core components: maintenance, space and facilities, real estate, capital projects, and sustainability and energy management. Conventional IWMS software provides significant benefits to organizations looking to manage their workplaces—but it also leaves out several important functionalities. For example, IWMS software typically doesn’t integrate with all business systems, and it doesn’t offer device security or industry-specific capabilities.

Nuvolo Connected Workplace enhances and supports each of the five components of an IWMS, but it also goes far beyond in several key ways.

The Critical Differences Between Connected Workplace and IWMS Software

Nuvolo Connected Workplace is more than just a typical IWMS platform. Because it is built on ServiceNow, Connected Workplace easily integrates with your HR, IT, merchandising, and logistics systems. Plus, the OT Security solution monitors your OT devices, ensuring your equipment is protected and secured. Nuvolo also provides specialized features and functionality across industries such as healthcare and life sciences.

Throughout the rest of this article, we’ll walk through the benefits that these key capabilities offer, starting with HR system integration.

HR Capabilities

Nuvolo connects to your existing HR systems. Right from the ServiceNOW platform, HR can manage onboarding, offboarding, and space and move management across multiple departments.

The result is a frictionless experience and better visibility for employees and the HR team. HR can initiate new-hire onboarding from the ServiceNow self-service portal, access interactive floor plans to find a space for new employees, create occupancy and other reports to facilitate intelligent space planning decisions, and submit help tickets and work orders.

IT Capabilities

Connected Workplace offers IT teams several important benefits. Work orders and maintenance requests can be run through the same system IT uses for help-desk related tickets.  This means that all work orders (for hardware, software, user-facing equipment, maintenance, office cleaning, and more) are tracked through the same platform.

Additionally, because it integrates with other existing business applications,  Connected Workplace enables your organization to consolidate the number of software solutions it uses. IT supports and maintains fewer platforms across the company, which reduces overhead and streamlines its operations.

OT Security

As organizations connect an increasing number of non-IT devices (such as HVAC systems, medical devices, and cameras) to the Internet, there are more opportunities for hackers to target this equipment. In fact, several high-profile cyber-attacks have recently left companies scrambling—paralyzing their operations and causing significant disruption to their businesses and customers.

The Nuvolo Connected Workplace OT Security solution integrates directly with your discovery and security monitoring tools, so you have one device inventory that serves as a single source of truth. OT Security then shows the devices that are running outdated software or that have been affected by security events. It streamlines your cyber security response, auto-generates work orders, and coordinates work across teams to quickly resolve issues.

This visibility into all your assets and equipment is not included in traditional IWMS solutions, but it is a part of Connected Workplace—helping to bring you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your devices are secure.

Nuvolo Connected Workplace Across Industries

Not only does Connected Workplace integrate with broader business functions and safeguard your OT devices, but it also offers deeper industry-specific features and capabilities.

For example, Connected Workplace for Healthcare helps you save time and adapt to changing regulations by providing alternative equipment maintenance (AEM) functionality. You can easily create industry-specific compliance reports and much more.

Plus, Connected Workplace for Life Sciences solution helps you comply with GxP regulations and speed up certification. It also enables you to ensure that your lab and scientific instruments are calibrated, available, and reliable.

If you don’t have industry-specific features built into your integrated workplace management system, your organization might need to manually develop and maintain these solutions, which can lead to inefficiencies or rework. With Connected Workplace, you can ensure everyone is working from the same platform and with the same data, streamlining your operations.

Better Integrations that Go Beyond Traditional Integrated Workplace Management Software

Nuvolo Connected Workplace is built on one platform designed for workplace management. It connects not just your IWMS components, but also IT, HR, and more. This provides a truly integrated environment.

Your employees have a better user experience, your IT departments maintain fewer software solutions, your OT devices are secured, and all the data for your business operations is in one place—giving you the ability to make better data-driven decisions about your workplace.

Read on for additional details about the importance of an integrated workplace solution, and find out more about the benefits of Connected Workplace.

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