Life Sciences

Allow research, manufacturing, facilities
and IT to make science work better, together

Make Science Work Better

With the Connected Workplace for Life Sciences, you can manage all your equipment and facilities with a single cloud platform so your research, development and management teams can accelerate accurate research and high-quality, compliant manufacturing in a safe, secure workplace


    Deliver measurement precision to ensure high quality experiments and manufacturing excellence using one modern platform

    GxP Compliance

    Speed up regulatory certification and reduce compliance issues with one platform to improve production and process controls, documentation and work order management

    Lab & Manufacturing Equipment Management

    Ensure laboratory and scientific instruments and manufacturing equipment are available and reliable with a low total cost of ownership and proper utilization

    Facilities Management

    Improve the maintenance, safety, usage and planning of the workplace for research, development and manufacturing, all from one platform

    OT Cyber Security

    Reduce the cyber security threat for your network-connected laboratory and scientific instruments and manufacturing equipment to ensure safety and availability

How We Help

Lab and research scientists need to know that their equipment is maintained and in top condition; equipment availability, utilization, validation status, calibration, and security are critical to success. And, their labs need to be spotless to avoid the risk of cross-contamination. Any downtime will delay important research or diagnostic work.

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