Apr 08, 2021
By Oliver Ridgwell

Is Your IWMS Truly Integrated?

Gartner states that the “effective management of the facilities life cycle — often an enterprise’s second-largest expense — requires modular deployment of a strategic, integrated suite of functionality.”

This quote is found in the Gartner IWMS Magic Quadrant and points to IWMS software (Integrated Workplace Management Systems) as the application that can deliver such a solution.

In many cases, a business that invests in IWMS misses out on the largest benefits. Chances are the solution will not deliver on the ‘I’ in IWMS…Integrated.

There’s one key reason why – many solutions are simply not really integrated.

The most compelling reason to purchase IWMS software is to enable evidence-based decision-making by consolidating data from multiple disciplines into one software platform, therefore allowing for quick and accurate reporting from a single source of truth.

In traditional IWMS software, these disciplines span:

  • Lease Management
  • Facilities Management / Maintenance
  • Space & Moves
  • Capital Projects

Bringing this data together allows organizations to visualize, interpret and deliver actions based on key metrics such as; Total Cost of Ownership, Total Cost of Operation, Space Occupancy/Utilization, Asset Investment Planning.

These data points & follow-up actions ultimately drive reduced costs, increase productivity, and inform an organization’s real estate and facility strategy, a key part of its growth strategy.

With IWMS offering such a rich return on investment (ROI), organizations have found themselves investing in solutions like MRI, Archibus, Manhattan, and Accruent, only to find that those solutions are built on multiple databases and are not integrated. Or, that the solutions organization acquires a new product and redirects R&D, leaving the existing customer base with a costly investment that is no longer future-proofed.

You do not have to look hard for examples of this:

  • Archibus acquired Serraview in 2018 only for the proposed integration to be paused when SpaceIQ was acquired.
  • Manhattan acquired CenterStone in the mid-2000s only for CenterStone clients to be left on an aging platform and not developed into the flagship product.
  • Accruent has acquired a multitude of solutions such as EMS and Kycloud without integrating these solutions.
  • MRI acquired 3 businesses in 3 weeks in the first quarter of 2021.

With multiple databases in place or even multiple products the promise of IWMS is undermined as organizations are no longer working from a single source of the truth, can no longer drive accurate evidence-based reporting and ultimately do not see the promised return on investment.

At Nuvolo, we understand the problem with IWMS is the word Integration. Nuvolo is a single platform, with a single database, that provides all the functionality of a ‘traditional IWMS’, providing our clients with a truly Connected Workplace.

Nuvolo’s Connected Workplace has delivered success to hundreds of clients. One particular customer realized over $3m in ROI after just year one.

A Strategic Platform

As highlighted above, IWMS solutions have promised consolidation of data and functions into a single platform. On most occasions, this has not been delivered.

The reality is that IWMS is still merely a silo for real estate data and functions. As organizations continue to develop their technology strategies, they are looking to streamline the number of IT systems by focusing on strategic platforms such as ServiceNow.

With IT gaining increased exposure across the business and pressure mounting for IT teams to support smooth operations – as highlighted by the increased focus on employee working arrangements and employee engagement – many organizations are turning to a strategic platform approach. This evolution reduces the siloed nature of IT landscapes and is delivered without loss of the functionality users have become accustomed to within siloed solutions.

With this in mind, Nuvolo has strategically positioned itself in the market to deliver comprehensive real estate and property management functionality within an organization’s strategic IT platform.

Nuvolo Connected Workplace is built on the NOW platform. Deep real estate industry specific Nuvolo functionality resides on the same database & platform as broader business functions such as IT, Security Operations, and Human Resources. No other real estate specific or connected workplace application on the market today offers this combination. The benefits this brings to businesses are varied but include:

  • Consistent user interface for the Connect Workplace & other IT functions improving the user experience for your employees.
  • Consolidation of functionality into one platform reducing IT overheads and improving accessibility for users.
  • Enhanced ability for businesses to make truly strategic, evidence-based decisions leveraging data from a broad range of business processes all within a single platform without any loss in functionality for the end-user.

In summary, an IWMS has a lot to offer but only when it truly delivers on the promise of an integrated solution.

Learn more about Nuvolo’s IWMS – The Connected Workplace.


About the Author

Oliver has 12 years of experience working with Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) across North America, EMEA, and APAC. His experience includes engagement with a variety of industries including Financial Services, Healthcare, Utilities, Government, Retail, Transportation, and Service providers. Through these engagements, Oliver aims to ensure organizations understand how the tactical functions of solutions support delivery of strategic real estate objectives appropriate to each specific business and industry vertical. In his spare time, Oliver enjoys travel, Formula 1, Football (Soccer), and Golf.