Dec 15, 2020
By Lisa Laczynski

Is CMMS the Ultimate Healthcare Enterprise Asset Management Solution?

Is CMMS the Ultimate Healthcare Enterprise Asset Management Solution?

It’s no secret that tracking and managing assets for a business can be an intricate challenge. If you’re the person, team, or organization in charge of tracking and managing your healthcare enterprise’s assets, —you likely already have a solid grasp of just how complicated (and overwhelming) managing healthcare enterprise assets can be.

The actual secret to asset management at this level? There’s no need for it to be as chaotic, unorganized, or stressful . With a seamless, intuitive, and intelligent CMMS system, your healthcare enterprise can experience asset management solutions that are simple, streamlined, and savvy.

But what exactly is a CMMS solution, and most importantly, how can a CMMS make an impactful difference in your healthcare enterprise asset management strategies and solutions? That’s precisely what we’re here to dive into.

Let’s Get Down to Basics: What is CMMS?

We’ll refer to it as CMMS for the rest of the article, but to give you a proper definition of what CMMS is, we’re going to hit you with the full name first. CMMS—or rather, a computerized maintenance management system—is a type of software that specializes in automation, organization, scheduling, and streamlining.

Ultimately, CMMS is a type of software that’s supposed to make a company’s (and the person who manages that company’s assets) asset management simpler and more streamlined. This means CMMS software can do things like:

  • Document compliance and ensure consistent regulatory compliance
  • Organize inventory
  • Automate and schedule preventative maintenance for assets
  • Automate calendar scheduling
  • Optimize workflows
  • Identify issues before they happen
  • Track and manage assets

That’s just a small sampling of what a CMMS is all about, but overall, this type of software is designed to be a comprehensive solution that improves the way a company manages its operations, compliance, workflows, teams, processes, and almost all maintenance activities.

CMMS vs EAM Software: What Exactly is the Difference?

If you’ve ever been involved in a conversation about CMMS, the term EAM software has probably come up. That’s to be expected. CMMS and EAM software have a lot of things in common—and in some circles, they’re probably considered exactly the same thing.

While they overlap, there are some key differences we think you should be aware of—.

As we mentioned above, a CMMS is a software or solution that helps to manage and run a company. Basically, it helps to centralize and condense information in a singular program to help automate and create a simpler way to conduct maintenance, scheduling, and planning.

EAM software—known as enterprise asset management—is a solution that typically focuses on maintaining the well-being of a company’s operational assets and equipment.

They sound similar, but here’s the difference: EAM software focuses on equipment management and tracking an asset’s lifecycle while providing a few basic, generalized business functions. A CMMS software overlaps in asset management but is typically known for touching into several different areas of a company’s focus, like optimizing workflows, maintenance management, and increasing asset reliability.

Don’t misinterpret us—both EAM and CMMS do a lot of the same things and in most cases will have overlapping purposes, but they do differ in small ways.

Why is CMMS the Ultimate Healthcare Enterprise Asset Management Solution?

Let’s face it—healthcare organizations face unique challenges when it comes to tracking and managing assets. Not only do healthcare enterprises need to maintain oversight on thousands of assets at once, but healthcare organizations also need to consistently re-evaluate better, more efficient ways to integrate new equipment, add in new assets, monitor performance, and optimize reporting. It’s not just about finding a static solution that works well when it comes to asset management for healthcare organizations—it’s also about selecting healthcare enterprise asset management solutions that can grow and change with dynamic needs.

That’s where CMMS solutions (like Nuvolo’s) come into play for healthcare organizations.

We’re going to dive into a few reasons that we believe CMMS is a crucial, impactful solution for healthcare organizations. We’ll lay out some of the top reasons, but remember, these are just the tip of the iceberg—ultimately, CMMS solutions can be an organization-changing software that transforms the way your company runs, is managed, and grows.

Smarter Management Practices

A reliable, intelligent CMMS software should make it simple to streamline your management practices and processes. With robust features, intuitive platforms, asset tracking and management, , planned maintenance, automation, and beyond, CMMS can transform and revitalize your current management practices.

All-in-One Tracking & Management Capabilities

This also means app consolidation—imagine a single, cohesive space where all of your data, tracking, and apps exist. It might sound too good to be true, but it’s not.

Simplified Compliance & Regulation Standards

Regulation and compliance standards in healthcare are no small task—they’re also not something that can be taken lightly. With a seamless, innovative CMMS software, you can ensure that your organization is always meeting the requirements of agencies (like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and regulations (like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) that matter.

Risk Management

With access to crucial data about asset and organization performance, you can mitigate risk and use predictive technology to help you solve problems before they surface. The need to manage risk is crucial for healthcare organizations using high-risk, expensive machinery, but with this functionality, you can oversee your assets in real-time to zero in on issues (or potential issues) before they happen.

Secure Mobile Access

Instant, secure access—even when you’re not in the building. This is crucial for modern-day organizations because, as you know, much of running a healthcare organization doesn’t happen solely inside the walls of that organization. Flexibility, security, and accessibility are so important for your healthcare enterprise—and a CMMS can grant you that.

Reliable ROI

In a large-scale operation, ROI is so crucial—mostly because healthcare organizations are working with a strict budget and are in need of meeting specific goals. With CMMS software, you’re able to capture the business intelligence that’s needed to make cost-saving decisions, spot trends, identify problem equipment, and efficiently manage resources. That’s essentially an immediate return on your investment.

Connected Healthcare Operation

A disconnected healthcare organization is an isolated healthcare organization—and as you likely know, isolated department silos don’t contribute to a successful team. Connecting your organization is easier than ever when you move to a single, cohesive platform accessible by all teams. See actionable analytics, track important maintenance, enable space planning, and find data in a single place.

Nuvolo: Your Healthcare Enterprise Asset Management Solution

If picking the perfect CMMS sounds overwhelming, know this—we’re here to help. Our intuitive platform will change the way you manage maintenance operations.

We encourage you to check our enterprise asset management solutions to get a better idea of what our solutions are all about. View our products and our services and see how our enterprise solutions can transform the way your healthcare enterprise handles asset management.

Our team is always a click or a phone call away, so don’t hesitate to contact the Nuvolo team. We’re here to answer your questions, give you a better idea of our services, and even help you schedule your own, personalized demo to give you the full Nuvolo experience.