Feb 26, 2021
By Lisa Laczynski

The Ins-and-Outs of Finding the Best Space Planning Software

Space management is a term that describes how an organization (like yours) organizes its physical space and inventory through tools like space scheduling, real estate utilization, space planning, and management strategies.

Though space management solutions might not seem like the most exciting topic, space optimization can make a big difference in your company overall—to us, that’s what qualifies as an extremely exciting conversation. If you’re new to the concept of space management, we highly recommend checking out our article about it.

If you’re looking to transform your current space management strategy and level up to something more efficient, smart, and sophisticated, the next logical step is investing in premium space management software. The good news? There are tons of space management software solutions out there that could help. The bad news? Because there are so many options, picking the best space management software can easily become overwhelming. That’s because not all software solutions are created equally. There’s no one perfect software out there, but there are definitely perfect-for-you solutions that exist—the trick is finding a space management software solution that maximizes the benefits of space management while offering cutting-edge support and an ever-growing list of features that are designed to help you run your business seamlessly.

But what exactly are those features and how can you be sure you’re picking the best space management software for your needs? Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of space management software, and of course, a few features you need to be aware of during your software selection process.

The Benefits of Space Planning Software

If you’re wondering why space management matters so much, you’re not alone. Whether you’ve considered it or not, how you use your space has a significant impact on your everyday mood, how you get your work done, and even your efficiency levels. But that’s not all. Well-planned space management can provide crucial benefits to your business, your employees, and beyond—and space planning software can help expedite that process in a seamless, efficient way.

  • Optimize Your Space Faster: With added help from a smart space planning software system, you can expedite the process of re-evaluating and optimizing your space. Plus, you can make quick, necessary adjustments as needed. Planning for mid-to-long-term growth is simple and fast, and with dedicated space management software that tackles this in an intuitive way, you can consistently adjust your space to benefit your company and prepare for what’s ahead.
  • Ensure Safety & Security: This is top-of-mind for most considering our current situation (COVID-19). However, safety and wellness is always going to be something that matters in space management. Having the right technology in place is crucial for the success of whatever short-term or long-term plan you need to return to your workplace.
  • Cost-Effective Planning: Reduce the likelihood of error and mitigate risk with a smart, digital system. Instead of putting well-meaning but not perfectly-designed plans into action, use space planning software to help reevaluate and revamp the way you use your space in a more cost-effective, error-free way.
  • Space-Related Details Consolidated:  A digital platform that stores data points then presents them in an organized, convenient way is essentially the perfect way to organize all your space-related details.
  • Simpler, More Intuitive Collaboration: Space management strategies are rarely a job for just one person. Space planning software can help make the process more collaborative, ensuring that everyone who’s involved can insert their helpful insights, opinions, and input.

The Best Space Planning Software Features: How to Pick the Right Solution

Picking out the perfect space planning software is going to depend on your company’s unique needs, goals, and desires. Still, there are some features that are absolutely crucial for any company—no matter their scale, size, or industry.

Rapid & Insightful Reporting

Because space management is a comprehensive and collaborative effort, it’s crucial to also understand that it isn’t static. Managing your space is an ongoing battle that requires easy-to-evaluate data and reports. A cutting-edge space planning software solution will provide you with workplace reporting that helps give you a better idea of space allocation. Further, it’s helpful to ensure that your software’s reporting features can be seamlessly shared with your entire organization to create a more comprehensive picture.

Space Reservation Capabilities

Space management isn’t just about what goes where—it’s also got a lot to do with when and how you’ll split up the space you have available among your company. There are plenty of space planning software solutions out there that can help you address your static space, but few can create a reservation system to ensure certain spaces are reserved when needed. Our advice? Find one that does—it can take your space management to the next level.

Move Scheduling

Auto-generated and auto-assign features can be especially helpful when it comes to re-opening our workplaces. Move management tools included in a software solution can be incredibly helpful when it comes to organizing, managing work orders, and keeping on track with your timeline.

Specific-to-You Floorplans

Static drawings are OK when it comes to your office space planning strategy, but graphical and interactive tools are far better. Space planning software that features workplace floor plans with adjustable, customizable tools can help you create and manage the perfect space. This is critical for several reasons. With a digital, customizable floor plan that you can change, alter, and re-work time and again, you give yourself the chance to work through endless options. You can get an accurate, real-time picture of the size of your space, better understand how that space will affect employee workflow, and even help determine how to implement crucial safety features.

Reliable Customer Support

Easy-to-use tools, intuitive dashboards, and lots of bonus services are all important characteristics to look into when it comes down to choosing the best space planning software solution. That being said, one of the most important has almost nothing to do with how your space management software functions. Choosing software that works beautifully is key, but if that software company doesn’t have a reliable, communicative, and dedicated support team—you’ll likely be on your own should anything ever go wrong. Keep the customer service team in mind when it comes to picking the perfect solution—it will matter more than you think.

Easy-to-Integrate Space Management Solutions

A space planning software solution that’s both easy to integrate with other solutions and that provides more comprehensive options beyond just space management should be a feature that’s at the top of your list. At the end of the day, space management is important, but it’s not the only thing you need to account for with your company. If you can invest in space planning software that helps you manage this and other important factors in an efficient, intuitive way, you’ll be on the right track in no time.

Make the Most of Your Space with Nuvolo—We’ve Got Space Optimization Covered

Your space is unique, and so are your needs. Ultimately, you need a space management solution that’s going to remedy your pain points, fix problems before they arise, and make it easier than ever for your company to optimize and use your given space. At Nuvolo, we believe we’ve created the ultimate space management software to help you do just that—and more.

Learn more about our space planning software or reach out today to chat with a member of our team. Whether you have questions, want to uncover more about our solutions, or simply want to get your space management journey started, we’re glad to help.