Apr 04, 2020
By Karl Sand

The India Release


It’s time again for another Nuvolo release! Each quarter we deploy new features, enhancements and updates to our cloud-based solution running on the ServiceNow platform. However, this is a major release and as part of our Nuvolo brand refresh, we have made some name changes to our solution modules. The biggest of which is the overall product name enhancement from “Enterprise Asset Management” to “Connected Workplace”, which is more fitting as it covers all the capabilities that we offer for true collaboration between employees and support teams. (look for more information on the connected workplace on our upcoming new website, scheduled to launch in early May)

The Connected Workplace connects all people, locations, assets, and business services on the same platform.  Whether the person is an employee, an IT pro or a field technician, the center of the Connected Workplace is the Customer Experience. Our platform enables everyone to do their best work by collaborating & sharing data from the same connected workplace system.

Additional name changes for our different modules include the following:

Additional name changes for our different modules

To kick off the spring this year we have been working hard to develop some powerful new features that will help our customers streamline facilities operations and improve office space management. Here is a sneak peek at just some of the many exciting features that are available in the latest Nuvolo connected workplace release. You can use this link to view the entire Release Notes document.


A common activity during project management reporting is linking related tasks as dependencies so that one relies on the completion of another. This same activity will also identify tasks that are NOT dependent on others and can run simultaneously.  The best way to visualize these on a project timeline is using a Gannt chart view. The latest release from Nuvolo now has that capability included in our Projects module and now provides the ability to import Gannt chart files directly into Nuvolo. An upload button is available to import both .mpp and .xml project files. Project managers can now leverage fully interactive Gantt charts with dependency management and task management built-in.

Schedule View


Efficient field service management processes are the key component to meeting SLA’s for Corrective Maintenance (CM) requests. It’s imperative that they get assigned quickly AND correctly. Sending out the right technician with the right tools/parts, and with the skills to fix that specific piece of equipment or site is all part of our focus on intelligent dispatch processing in our Field Service Management module. In this new release there are several significant user experience updates to the Field Service Management Console available to Dispatch Agents and Dispatch Admins. These updates include the following:

– Technician scheduling interface now includes drop-down calendars

– Appointment screen prominently displays the priority of the Work Order

– Appointment scheduler now includes Drive Time between appointments for smarter scheduling of the same resource

– Fixed Appointments can be setup by Technicians to block their availability

Using the new Field Service Management interface, a dispatch agent can identify the best suited technician to assign for critical work orders. With all the information at their fingertips they can leverage geo-location mapping and skills validation data to intelligently dispatch the right qualified technician and utilize a drag-and-drop interface for scheduling. After the technician has been assigned the work order they receive the appointment notification and location on their mobile device.

Scheduling FWKD0004705


If you could reduce the number of maintenance checks and assessments required for your clinical devices at each hospital then you would obviously save time, effort, and the associated technician labor. Alternative Equipment Maintenance (AEM) schedules can make this possible and can drive considerable cost savings for Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) teams.

With the new AEM Scheduling capabilities in Nuvolo, your HTM team can utilize our built-in processes and workflow to validate and configure specialized maintenance schedules for medical devices. The specific features in this release include an AEM Review Process, an AEM Eligibility Matrix, and an AEM Inclusion feature.

KPI Report


We realize that your facilities workplace is getting ever more sophisticated and diverse with the implementation of smart devices connected to the network. This implies tighter cyber security requirements for this non-IT supported equipment, otherwise known as operational technology (OT). Without the proper vulnerability oversight for these connected devices, they provide new opportunities for ransomware hackers to gain inroads. So you must hold the highest standards for OT equipment monitoring and maintenance to guard against cyber-attacks. The OT Cyber Security module from Nuvolo makes it all possible with a full-featured, web-based solution that your facilities group can quickly adopt into their regular maintenance routine and integrate with the IT network management solutions already deployed.

New OT Cyber Security features in this spring release include several usability enhancements to the EAM Queue module, such as connected device classifications for inventory grouping, updated firmware details and additional data fields for reporting accuracy.

New OT Cyber Security features


1. Warehouse Inventory Tracking for Received Equipment: This provides detailed information for Material Handlers and Technicians on ordered parts and components, including receiving partial shipments, as well as automated processes that keep information updated to provide a smoother workflow.

2. Space and Utilization Tracking: Administrators can set default values on the Space Type form for Capacity, Code Capacity, Seat Status, Operational Status, Primary Use and Handicap Accessible.

3. CAD Extension for Floorplans: The import Data Sync screen now shows the values from both CAD and Nuvolo side-by-side allowing a simple determination for what values to sync during the import process.

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