Technology and Engineering Company Revamps Maintenance and Space Operations

A global technology and engineering company needed to improve and streamline several aspects of their facilities maintenance, space management, and real estate operations for their locations in France.

The facilities and real estate leader for this region (referred to here as “the client”) was tasked with locating a solution that could help.

With more than 30,000 employees in nearly 30 countries, the company’s operations are sprawling. In France alone, they have 25 locations and roughly 3,000 employees. Across those locations, they can generate upwards of 2,500 facilities work orders and 400 move work orders per month.

This means it was important for the client to find a solution that could link the operations of all the locations in France together, with the aim of improving efficiency and helping the company see the big picture.

Addressing the Key Challenges

The company had been using an outdated legacy system to manage work order tickets and track space usage (including employee workstation locations). The software wasn’t being maintained by the IT department, hadn’t been updated in years, and had become completely obsolete.

Plus, it wasn’t linked to any other databases or tools used by the company—which meant that cross-departmental data sharing was difficult or impossible in some cases. And on top of all that, employees were tired of the large amount of manual effort it took to keep all the information in the system updated.

The client needed to find a new tool, but with one important caveat: Any new solution had to be compatible with the IT department’s preferred platform, ServiceNow. And since Nuvolo Connected Workplace is built on that very same platform, the client recognized it as the company’s ideal choice.

Realizing the Benefits of a Single System

Nuvolo helped the company introduce Connected Workplace and several of its core solutions, including Maintenance, Space, Real Estate, and Projects. These solutions included game-changing capabilities like asset management, mobile capabilities for technicians, space and move management, lease management, and much more.

Applying Nuvolo’s asset management capabilities to their facilities has enabled the company to completely revamp the ticketing process for all of their employees on site.

“All of the coordination is done from our headquarters, and my team can redirect the tickets to our maintenance providers,” the client said.

In addition, the solution’s mobile functionality is helping technicians do their work more efficiently and improving their inventory tracking.

Meanwhile, the space and move management products help provide a clear picture of how their buildings buildings are filled. The company is now also able to compile space data and easily generate reports to share with their controlling department.

They’re also consolidating all their data in a single system and using Nuvolo’s data reporting tools to visually display it in an easy-to-read format.

“The reports and extracts are very useful to have an instant view of a specific topic, whenever the director needs it,” the client explained. “(Because of this), we don’t have to cross-check the data several times.”

In addition, the company can customize their database management, adding any kind of report they need while better organizing and further ensuring the integrity of the data.

“For example, every space should have a space type, so I made a report for that,” the client said. “It saves time and enforces the data reliability.”

Overall, the company is saving much more time by using Nuvolo. Since Nuvolo is built on ServiceNow, the company doesn’t have to manually update a separate database—something that was viewed as a significant waste of time before.

The client added that internal planning of uses for the Real Estate and Projects solutions is ongoing, with a lot of possibilities on the horizon.

Ongoing Innovation

The company’s IT department is planning to deploy ServiceNow in multiple countries in 2022. During that process, some of the company’s employees plan to propose implementing Nuvolo.

The client is optimistic about the potential “great” opportunities ahead for the company as it explores bringing Nuvolo into other parts of the business.