Jan 31, 2021
By Heidi Horn

Have You Heard About Connected Workplace for Healthcare?

Hear from industry expert Heidi Horn about how the Connected Workplace for Healthcare solution enables departments such as HTM, facilities, and IT to work together.


Connected Workplace for Healthcare Is the Modern, Cloud-Based Improvement to Legacy CMMS Applications

This article was originally published in TechNation

Nuvolo, along with veteran healthcare technology management (HTM) and facilities professionals, built a powerful software platform to help HTM and facilities teams work better and faster. We understand that today’s HTM departments do much more than just maintain clinical equipment, and your CMMS should too.

We work with small hospitals, some of the country’s largest health systems, and everything in between. Our mission is to consistently improve and innovate our platform to help facilities and HTM teams in their mission – delivering better patient care by ensuring your hospitals’ medical devices are safe, reliable, and compliant. Nuvolo is built on ServiceNow, one of the world’s leading enterprise cloud platforms. The Nuvolo built on ServiceNow strategy provides unprecedented availability, security, flexibility, and performance.

Nuvolo Delivers Connected Workplace to Healthcare Organizations

Connect with Your Teams

Nuvolo provides HTM and facilities teams the tools to fully understand the work that needs to get done and when, who is doing the work, and it coordinates tasks effectively within the department, between departments, and with their vendors. Managers, technicians, clinical engineers, trade workers, and support personnel can do their work better, faster, and more efficiently by having the information they need at their fingertips. They can automate many of the tasks that required manual processes and workarounds when using legacy CMMS applications. Nuvolo offers all the functionality of a traditional CMMS – inventory and work order management – and then takes it to a whole new level by including:

  • Superior mobile functionality using a smartphone or tablet to look up information and update the CMMS in real-time outside of the shop.
  • Integration with many other applications that enhance workflows, decrease manual data entry, and provide superior reporting for making informed operational and clinical decisions (i.e., other software platforms, medical device discovery and monitoring applications, RTLS, ERP/purchasing/financial systems, time and attendance apps, and parts providers).
  • Service contract management to manage your contract coverage and costs, analyze the value of your contracts, and alert technicians when something is under contract and what is covered.
  • Enhanced dashboards and reporting functionality – both out-of-the-box and easily configured – to track performance, regulatory compliance, and document value to leadership.
  • Ability to track, analyze, and control costs at the part level, device level, equipment type level, department level, and up.

Connect with the Departments You Work With

There are very few things in hospitals these days that do not require the expertise and support from multiple departments. Nuvolo enables the HTM, facilities, and IT teams to easily coordinate on projects by giving them the ability to exchange vital information about work orders and tasks in real-time through the same system while tracking work progress, assigned tasks, and next steps.

Connect with Your Clinicians

The Nuvolo enhanced self-service portal allows clinicians to:

  • Place service requests easily from their mobile device or computer to automatically dispatch the proper repair team(s) when and where they are needed, even when they’re not in the shop
  • Look up progress on repairs
  • Request equipment and consumables
  • Review their inventory and so much more

Connect with Your Leadership Team

They say “knowledge is power.” We give HTM and facilities teams the knowledge and ability to monitor individual and department-level performance and regulatory compliance. Nuvolo provides detailed data to better understand the many variables that impact performance and compliance so that corrections can be made in real-time. Data analytics and corresponding reporting functionality will help you easily document and demonstrate to your leadership the value your department brings to the organization and the knowledge you have to deliver positive outcomes.

Nuvolo Connected Workplace for Healthcare expands CMMS functionality into these areas: Space, Projects, Real Estate, Sustainability, Maintenance, and Medical Device Cyber Security – all on a single platform that supports the inter-dependencies within a healthcare setting.

The Connected Workplace for Healthcare platform:

  • Uses smart dispatching to automate and auto route work orders based on location, device type, model, vendor, and much more.
  • Identifies better ways to maintain clinical devices while ensuring safety and regulatory compliance with the Nuvolo Alternative Equipment Maintenance (AEM) workflows.
  • Provides visual interactive color-coded floor plan maps so staff and technicians can see and navigate all hospital rooms, devices, and work orders.
  • Uses the same floor maps to track mobile devices with sensor technology in real-time.
  • Measures energy, water, and air quality, ensuring hospitals comply with industry standards and patient comfort.
  • Manages cleanliness, noise level, lighting, call buttons, beds, room temperature – all aspects of the physical hospital setting.
  • Enables work checklists or “rounds” for comprehensive regulatory compliance and reporting.
  • Provides project software that tracks the delivery of high quality, cost-effective hospital renovations and new building development.
  • ….And so much more.

All this data on one platform transforms the level of service your HTM and facilities teams provides your hospital and gives you the data to make better clinical and business decisions. For example:

  • Your HTM and facilities teams can answer critical device questions like: Is the device service contract needed? Should we repair or replace the device? What devices have alerts and recalls? How many ventilators do we have? Where are they located? Are they patient ready?
  • The data will uncover any recurring problems with equipment so you can quickly troubleshoot the issue and correct it.
  • Your Real Estate team can track and evaluate projects to deliver high quality, cost-effective hospital renovations and new building development.
Medical Device Cyber Security – Yes, That’s Connected, Too!

As more medical devices connect to the network, the risk of cyber security becomes a real challenge for IT, facilities, and HTM teams.  Nuvolo brings medical device data into the ServiceNow platform, where IT, security, and HTM teams share visibility. IT can then identify where the medical device is, what the device type/manufacturer/model is, and can act on threats and vulnerabilities.

Nuvolo’s Connected Workplace for Healthcare provides an improved technician and clinician experience, better real-time reporting, compliance tracking, and process simplicity.  In the Connected Workplace, high standards, collaboration, and safety are built-in and automated, helping you support your hospital(s) in every way that is needed.

For additional information, explore the OT Security solution, and learn more about Connected Workplace for Healthcare.

About the Author

Heidi Horn, MA, AAMIF is Vice President of Product Marketing-Healthcare for Nuvolo. She has over 20 years of experience as a leader in the healthcare technology management (HTM) industry. Horn was the 2019 recipient of AAMI’s “HTM Leadership Award” and is well-known for her transformational work leading SSM Health’s 120-person HTM department for more than a decade. Horn is also heavily involved with AAMI and serves as a member of AAMI’s Board of Directors as well as chair of AAMI’s Technology Management Council and its HTM Standardization sub-team. She is also an inaugural member of the AAMI Fellow program.