Oct 06, 2021
By Kate Camerlin

Top Ways Using Connected Workplace Can Help Transform Your Healthcare System

Typical Challenges

Healthcare systems often track and maintain countless medical devices and assets across separate teams and departments. These organizational siloes can make it difficult to obtain accurate, actionable information about these assets—including data about interoperability, risk, cybersecurity mitigation, cost of ownership, performance, recalls, and maintenance and replacement needs.

Hospitals and healthcare systems need full visibility into all their assets; they need a single source of truth for all devices that can be shared by every department and team.

A Modern Solution

Customers choose the Nuvolo Connected Workplace for Healthcare solution to track and manage data across all medical devices and assets from one application.

Teams can access the same work order history, maintenance plans, documentation, supplier negotiations information, contracts, and more—streamlining operations in critical ways:

Inventory Management and Asset Planning

Having insights into the age of the equipment, maintenance history, and cost all in one place makes it easier to see which assets need to be replaced, and which assets may need a different service approach (e.g., full service contracts vs. in-house support).

This data also helps improve asset lifecycle management—from planning, to purchasing, to retirement. Getting clearer insights into the risk and reliability of the device also help you manage your Alternative Equipment Maintenance (AEM) program.

Streamlining Collaboration

Healthcare technology management (HTM) and other departments can better coordinate when all assets are tracked in one place. Instead of manually updating device data and work order notes (including network and security information) across multiple systems, teams can all work from the same platform.

Helping Prove Regulatory Compliance and Automating the Recall Process

With Connected Workplace, you can help maintain an audit trail for compliance and reporting purposes. There are hundreds of healthcare-specific reports built into the platform, so teams can be prepared for accreditation surveys.

Plus, having a single source of truth makes the recall process much more streamlined. With all serial numbers and remediation instructions in one place, departments don’t have to manually match assets with recall alerts.

Improving OT and Connected Medical Device Security

The Connected Workplace automatically updates your medical device inventory directly from discovery and monitoring tools. If there are vulnerabilities or threats discovered for any of your medical devices, the OT Security solution immediately identifies the device and its location and provides an automated, coordinated remediation response across HTM and IT security departments.

Connecting the Healthcare Workplace

By using the Connected Workplace to manage all assets, you can help eliminate siloed operations and streamline workflows.

When you make the right data and information available to all users, you can improve asset lifecycle management, coordinate more effectively between teams, eliminate manual and double entry, ensure devices are accounted for, and more efficiently comply with industry regulations or recalls.

Interested in learning more? Check out Connected Workplace for Healthcare.