Feb 19, 2021
By Leslie O'Connell
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Warehouse Management in the Connected Workplace

Robust inventory management as part of your work order and asset management platform

As part of the Connected Workplace, our Maintenance solution includes Warehouse Management capabilities which provide you with modern and streamlined warehouse and inventory management functionality.

Improve your equipment maintenance by leveraging our warehouse capabilities, a way to manage your parts inventory from the warehouse and through the technician’s mobile app., providing end-to-end parts management – simplifying field services, reducing part costs, and satisfying customers.

The warehouse capabilities are shared across departments; everyone from the warehouse manager to the field service technician has access to your inventory records. The warehouse team manages inventory down to the bin level while technicians manage the parts they need in the field.

Connected workflows and reports that modernize your approach to inventory control.

Our robust warehouse capabilities reduce inventory spend and improve equipment uptime by having the right part available when needed.

Perform parts inventory audits for maintenance trucks, stockrooms, and warehouses, down to the aisles, racks, shelves, and bins.

A single platform solution for asset and facilities maintenance also gives the warehouse team a way to manage their work orders. The Connected Workplace solution provides the warehouse team with its own set of work orders and tasks designed explicitly for warehouse operations, like physical cycle count, transfers, purchases, and more.

Warehouse Key Features

Auto-Replenishment – Automatically generate a purchase requisition when the quantity of a bin reaches minimum inventory. Set the purchase requisition to maximum bin level, ensuring stock is always replenished.

Physical and Cycle Counts – Warehouse Managers can automate physical and cycle count schedules to automatically compare the quantity of items the system has to the actual number and make adjustments and track variances. 

Mobile Stockrooms – A technician’s vehicle, a cart, or other mobile storage can become a mobile stock room, with all the functionality of a stationary stock room.

Pick Tickets – Allow material handlers an easy way to process pick tickets and pull parts from the warehouse to be transferred or locally picked up.

Transfer Order Workflow – Move parts from a source stockroom to a target stockroom or a technician’s mobile stockroom.

Purchase Order Workflow – Automatically generate purchase order requests to your financial system (ERP) based on auto-replenishment for your warehouse. 

Track the progress of a purchase order request through order, delivery, and replenishment.   

Reporting – Use our robust reporting feature to keep on top of your inventory controls. Also, work order reports keep you on top of all maintenance performed within your warehouse operations. You’ll be prepared for the next inspection.

Additional Advantages to Warehouse as part of a Connected Workplace:

  • Access to a library of parts management reports, along with asset and work order reporting.
  • Use reporting to make data-driven equipment and inventory business decisions.
  • Standardize your inventory and equipment data throughout your organization.
  • Associate assets to parts, work orders, maintenance schedules, and contracts.
  • Complete inventory audits quickly using the solutions mobile app, maintaining consistency across departments.


The Connected Workplace Advantage

Maintenance and field services teams work faster with warehouse management as part of their work order management solution.

Give your technicians mobile access to request the right parts at the right time. As they add parts to work orders, the warehouse inventory quantity automatically adjusts. Preventive and corrective maintenance improves when part counts are accurate and parts are easily accessible and available when needed.

You’ll reduce lost production time while improving overall equipment performance.

Technicians Key Features:

  • Use transfer orders to move parts from a warehouse to your local stockroom, cart, or truck (mobile stockroom).
  • Quickly source equipment parts that are required for preventive and corrective maintenance directly from the mobile app.
  • Add part records to an asset record to track all parts used to maintain your equipment.

Parts displayed on the work order record can be added, modified, or deleted directly from the work order.

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