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Parkland Health & Hospital System Transforms Hospital Services

Originally published in conjunction with TechNation.

Parkland Health & Hospital System is “the foundation for a healthy Dallas.” Their healthcare system has one main 900-bed hospital and additional clinics and surgery centers throughout their metroplex, plus satellite locations like doctors’ offices and acute response clinics.

They’re known for innovation; their hospital was one of the first “digital hospitals” built in the United States, with $80 million in technology investments. (Dallas Morning News)

Parkland now realizes another forward-thinking vision, one enterprise platform to transform hospital services. One platform for IT, Facilities, Asset Management, Linens, Clinical Engineering, Nutrition Services, Pharmacy, and more. One self-service portal, one phone number for the doctors and nurses to report a problem.

We want to tell you how each department is handling asset management and work orders, but we only have 30 minutes, we had to pick one.

Clinical Engineering will share with you their successes, starting with how their centralized asset management team onboards equipment. And finishing with some of their impressive dashboarding and reporting.

You’ll find out how Parkland:

  • Built automation into the work order process
  • Supervises daily operations through dashboards
  • Is using contract management of medical devices
  • Balances out workloads between support teams
  • Manages medical equipment life cycles
  • Handles Capital Medical Equipment budget reporting


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