Parkland Health & Hospital System Transforms Hospital Services

Parkland Health & Hospital System is “the foundation for a healthy Dallas.” Their healthcare system has one main 900-bed hospital and additional clinics and surgery centers.

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Originally published in conjunction with TechNation.

They’re known for innovation; their hospital was one of the first “digital hospitals” built in the United States, with $80 million in technology investments. (Dallas Morning News)

Parkland now realizes another forward-thinking vision, one enterprise platform to transform hospital services. One platform for IT, Facilities, Asset Management, Linens, Clinical Engineering, Nutrition Services, Pharmacy, and more. One self-service portal, one phone number for the doctors and nurses to report a problem.

Clinical Engineering will share with you their successes, starting with how their centralized asset management team onboards equipment. And finishing with some of their impressive dashboarding and reporting.