Oct 09, 2020
By Leslie O'Connell

Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade Your Hospital’s CMMS

Why Healthcare Organizations Move to Nuvolo

10. Ease of Use

Submit any service request and keep track of that request through our online portal; self-service at its best.

Most of the self-service request information is pre-populated, making it easier and faster for people to submit support requests and for the right teams to respond. Describe your problem and fill out a few other fields; the system will route the request to the appropriate support team immediately, ensuring no critical requests are missed and eliminating the need for someone to manually take and dispatch requests.

9. Robust Mobile App for Technicians

HTM and Facilities technicians all use the Nuvolo mobile app to work quickly and efficiently throughout your hospital campus.

Technicians have instant access to the asset information, work orders, device service history, service manuals, knowledge bases, spare parts inventories, and training videos. They complete the assigned work directly from the mobile application and track their time and work.

8. Interactive Floor Maps

Our interactive floor plans provide easy collaboration with all people, physical locations, devices, and work. Staff and technicians easily navigate to all hospital rooms, devices, and work orders.

Using real-time location system (RTLS) technology allows for the tracking of your medical devices on those same floor maps.

7. Medical Device Management

Most medical devices today are part of a larger device system supported by multiple departments. They are integrated with the network, other devices, and clinical and business applications, and they require other components to work properly. The Nuvolo Connected Workplace for Healthcare solution is used across departments like IT, HTM, and Facilities for comprehensive medical equipment management and coordinated support across departments.

It doesn’t matter if IT, HTM, or Facilities fixes the device—work orders are updated on the same mobile app, and the asset service history you might otherwise be missing is captured.

6. Cyber Security

The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) market is expanding exponentially; non-IT devices known as operational technology (OT)—such as medical devices, utilities, and facilities equipment—are connecting to your network in unprecedented numbers, increasing your hospital’s risk of a cyber-attack.

When integrated with an OT network monitoring application, the Nuvolo OT Security solution brings all the required medical device data into the same platform, where Information Security and HTM teams share visibility. This provides the information needed for the support teams to quickly identify and act on threats and vulnerabilities.

5. Superior Work Order Automation

When devices, locations, and work orders are captured on one platform, you can create smart dispatching.

Smart dispatching uses workflows and business rules to automatically route work orders based on location, certifications, vendor support, etc. The nearest technician in the field with the right availability, skills, and certifications is assigned the work order.

4. Smarter Planned Maintenance

Planned maintenance work orders can be auto-assigned based on asset type, model, location, date, technician skill sets, pre-configured group assignments, etc. All the service history intelligence is used to understand equipment maintenance better and create more efficient timelines.

You can automate and plan clinical device maintenance or use specific workflows to create and manage your Alternative Equipment Maintenance (AEM) program that ensures safety and compliance.

3. Efficient Regulatory Tracking & Reporting

Adhere to CMS, Joint Commission, DNV, and all regulatory reporting requirements with dynamic, real-time, and easily configurable reports and dashboards.

Our one platform solution gives you centralized data and pre-designed compliance reports. If we don’t have the right report, it can easily be created to meet your needs and changing regulatory requirements.

2. Return on Investment – ROI

When all support teams work in the Nuvolo Connected Workplace for Healthcare solution, you have the unprecedented ability to improve coordination and collaboration between departments, as well as capture the business intelligence to make significant cost savings decisions.

Create real-time dashboards to spot trends, identify problem equipment, measure work order response times, track labor utilization, and efficiently manage resources. Use analytics for making smarter purchasing recommendations, accurately forecasting new equipment needs, and much more.

1. Enabling the Connected Hospital

Eliminate those department silos. The Connected Workplace for Healthcare is where support teams like HTM, IT, Real Estate, Maintenance, Supply Chain, Pharmacy, and Clinicians work together on one platform to share information and collaborate to support the entire hospital.

With the Connected Workplace for Healthcare solution, actionable analytics are available for your equipment inventory, work orders, space planning, projects, real estate, and more. All that data in one application will transform the level of service your hospital provides.