Sep 15, 2020
By Leslie O'Connell

The Connected Campus for COVID Response Management

COVID is forcing colleges to rethink their campuses. Healthcare Services teams are looking for solutions to help them keep their campuses safe and sanitized. COVID planning likely includes campus redesigns and new cleaning protocols, requiring a massive shift in campus facilities and space services.

Are you looking for technology to help manage this shift? Why not look for a solution designed to manage space and facilities on the same platform? One that can help make your Return-to-Campus planning easy to implement now, while also modernizing your campus services program.

The Connected Campus is a Building, Space, and Facilities management solution designed to connect campus services teams. All students, faculty, and staff, all physical locations, all assets, and all work reside on one platform, providing seamless collaboration across your campus.

Here’s an overview of The Connected Campus, starting with how it allows you to manage your COVID response needs, moving on to other solutions you can use long term. Learn how an investment in a connected solution will prepare you now and for future eventualities. When the pandemic ends, you’ll be ready to shift back quickly to full capacity and be prepared for whatever comes next.


COVID Response for College Campuses


The Connected Campus makes implementing campus redesigns easier and organizing cleaning procedures faster.

Your static campus, building, and floor maps turn into interactive space and maintenance tools. Everyone from visitors to students to the cleaning crew, to the healthcare services and facilities directors use the same virtual floor maps.

With interactive maps, you can redesign your campus, map out hand sanitizing and temperature check stations, determine what common areas will be off-limits, create new single direction walking paths, and more with simple drag-and-drop functionality.

On the same interactive maps, virtually move one student or many students from dorm rooms to quarantine areas. You can even create move simulations before the actual move to ensure the process will run smoothly.

Once a redesign or move is in place virtually, the solution will auto-generate and auto-assign work orders. Technicians and maintenance crews use the interactive floor maps on their mobile phones to navigate to and manage those work orders. On the mobile app, they have all the people, assets, work, and location information they need to get projects done faster.

Also, your maintenance teams have access to your cleaning ’rounds’ checklists from the mobile app. They complete the cleaning and sanitizing lists, and you have a time-stamped record of the cleaning procedure.

The checklists are pre-built based on CDC and WHO cleaning guidelines, ensuring a thorough and effective sanitization process. And, if a cleaning crew member finds a problem during their rounds, they create a corrective work order immediately, further ensuring campus safety.

Students, staff, and faculty can search the campus or report a problem right from the self-service portal, their smartphones, or strategically located kiosks. They can also make reservations for designated locations, like labs and libraries, directly from the portal using our robust Reservations software.

When a student or staff reserves or checks-out of a space, the system will auto-generate work orders to clean and sanitize it, and a mobile alert is pushed directly to their smartphone when the reserved area is ready for check-in.

You can also design preventive maintenance plans to auto-assign and auto-route work orders for tasks like more frequent cleaning rounds or HVAC filter changes. This will ensure consistently safe air quality and virus free surfaces in high occupancy spaces.

Understand how your program is working by creating COVID Response dashboards to monitor cleaning activity, quarantine moves, health check stations, and more.


The Rest of The Connected Campus


As I mentioned earlier, The Connected Campus is a complete Space, Building, and Services solution. Once your COVID response plan runs smoothly, you can explore other solutions for building a reliable campus management foundation. One that can handle busy day-to-day work and any other crisis that comes our way.


We bring construction and renovation project management into campus services. We understand that these projects are part of college operations, not a separate entity.

For instance, with Projects as part of the overall solution, your college can easily utilize data from your current buildings. You can run reports to find information that will help with build planning, such as:

  • The service history on HVAC and Air Flow systems to see how well the units are performing.
  • Vendor service history to see which vendors you should use during a build.
  • Space occupancy and space utilization data for your other buildings to help design the new ones

In addition to standard construction management tasks, you can handle work orders, preventative maintenance, asset management, space management, and field dispatch, during and after construction, all on the same platform.

Field Service Management

The Connected Campus also gives you field services capabilities; once you start using it, you’ll be hooked. Managing a team of field services technicians is highly complex; our solution eases the complexities through work automation and tracking.

On one platform manage all the variables, like work orders, scheduling, and dispatching, tracking skills, tasks, assets, hours, service levels, vehicles, parts, etc. Plus, a rules-based engine built on a robust mobile application provides clear prioritization, easy engagement, and efficient completion of work orders.

We also give you smart dispatch routing so call center agents have an easier time dispatching the right technician to the exact campus location for equipment maintenance. You’ll streamline and automate work order management while keeping track of assets and parts inventory. And, your field technicians will thank you from their mobile apps.

Having robust field service management connected to the enterprise means exceptional campus services.

Real Estate

Properly managing the campus real estate portfolio is essential. Executives, human resources, facilities, and other departments all need to know about the property you own or lease.

Our Real Estate solution consolidates all campus leases electronically on one platform. You can track critical dates, contacts, renewals, amendments, payments, expenses, lease terms, lease adjustments, monthly rent, insurance, and other chosen attributes. You can also create alerts and automate approval actions.

Having real estate and space data reside on one platform allows for useful analytics. Use robust reporting to provide an in-depth analysis of space utilization, historical costs, and portfolio trends to improve your campus and real estate strategy. For instance, use space utilization reports to reveal opportunities for consolidating under-utilized campus facilities.

Your Real Estate team is monitoring space data and comparing that data against the real estate portfolio constantly. They need to figure out what your campus real estate needs will be in the years to come; they’ll welcome the cohesive analytics.


A single solution approach brings the power of campus data sharing to sustainability management.

Provide your forward-thinking, environmentally conscious colleges the ability to optimize energy consumption, track generated waste, manage water usage, and track utility and energy bills. And discover once overlooked sources of cost savings.

Our solution connects directly into your energy management systems (or utility companies) to generate live reports across all facilities. View energy consumption and expenses broken down by just about any category: geographically, by the facility, type of utility, and more.

You’ll uncover areas for improvement, analyze your energy conservation programs’ progress, and create required compliance reports. Also, you can forecast sustainability progress and analyze environmental impacts by campus locations.

The Exceptional Business Intelligence

You’ve probably guessed this already, when all projects, invoices, contracts, space, work orders, assets, and other critical data reside in the same database, you have unprecedented business intelligence. You can drill down into the details and be confident in your ability to answer tough questions.

You’ll have the data analysis to understand the impact of your COVID response, find areas of cost savings and improvement, and plan for the future.

Implement your Return to Campus plan now and upgrade your campus services program later with the Nuvolo Connected Campus.


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