Feb 21, 2024
By Ben Godfrey

Preparing Facilities Maintenance for the Unseen Future

As the old saying goes, if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. The 2020 pandemic was an event very few businesses had the foresight to prepare for. The most predictable supply chains that companies relied on suddenly became unpredictable. Consistent inventories of parts and supplies became volatile and fluctuated drastically. Every industry saw some aspect of their business fail to prepare.

Great organizations were quick to adapt to the new challenges they faced. Diversifying suppliers smoothed out the supply chain issues. Building up stockpiles of critical asset parts relieved pressure from facilities maintenance teams. Predictive analytics were implemented to better forecast facilities’ needs and stay ahead of maintenance issues.

No aspect of a business can truly be future proof. We cannot predict the future. But we can be ready for predictable events and better prepare for unforeseen events if we understand three key aspects of our maintenance of facilities.

1. Facilities and Equipment Knowledge

It should go without saying that facilities teams must understand their facilities, equipment, and inventory. The most experienced managers know (or can easily find) the details and maintenance history around mission-critical buildings, systems, equipment, and the status of their current inventory. Their vast knowledge of HVAC systems, fire suppression systems, equipment, machinery, and much more takes years to develop. Facilities maintenance teams would be in a much better position if that wealth of knowledge were at the fingertips of every team member, including the newest hire.

2. Facilities Maintenance (FM) Team Workloads

With more technicians retiring, increasingly limited budgets, and fewer new hires, FM teams will see more challenges from being understaffed for the foreseeable future. Because they are expected to continue to keep facilities running smoothly with fewer people, tracking and understanding team member workloads is critical to staying on top of maintenance. Plus, it can provide justification to management for team expansion. Intuitive dashboards can give managers a bird’s eye view of team workloads, providing insights into scheduling and priorities.

3. Accessible and Accurate Facilities Data

To be better prepared for unforeseen events, facilities maintenance teams must leverage current technology. Reacting quickly to a new obstacle can be the difference between success and failure. Teams must have all the relevant and accurate information at their fingertips. Having multiple, disconnected databases and platforms only slows teams down when they are facing an obstacle. Instead, maintenance teams can have a single source of truth to manage all aspects of facilities maintenance. This breaks down the siloes of communication and allows users to get the full picture before making impactful decisions in both stable and unpredictable times.

We cannot see the future. But, by utilizing current technology to share facilities knowledge, better manage team workloads, and accurately track facilities data, FM teams can be prepared for predictable obstacles and ready to adapt to unplanned future events.


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