Jan 03, 2024
By Sarah Czarnowski

Improve Technician Efficiency with Facilities Management Software

Facilities and maintenance technicians are the critical (and often unseen) force that’s keeping your business running smoothly. Without them, building operations, asset health, and safety conditions can deteriorate quickly—impacting employee satisfaction and your bottom line. With so many competing priorities, along with other day-to-day challenges, how are you ensuring that your techs are happy, productive, and efficient?


The Challenges of Technician Management

Technicians are mobile workers who are constantly on the go. From a work order perspective, it’s difficult for a manager to

  • understand where their team members are at any current moment
  • what their workload is like
  • keep track of individual skillsets
  • track progress of tickets in real-time
  • ensure compliance with necessary protocols

This can lead to countless hours playing “phone tag” trying to dispatch the right tech for a job, assessing progress, and closing out work orders. Facilities Maintenance (FM) software provides powerful tools to improve technician efficiency and streamline operations.

Here’s a list of how the right software can help technician teams work smarter, faster, and better.


Work Order Management

The work order system is mission control for technician teams. FM software centralizes all work orders with details like location, priority, skills required, tools required, and more. Intelligent dispatching matches work orders to available technicians based on skills, location, and urgency. Scheduling tools allow managers to balance workloads and prevent bottlenecks.

With all information in one place, managers get real-time visibility into work order status. They can track progress, make adjustments on the fly, and keep clients informed. Technicians can access their daily schedule of assigned work orders on mobile apps, understand what’s needed to complete the job, and better plan their days out. Work order management streamlines communication, collaboration, and productivity.


Inventory and Asset Management

Nothing slows down technicians like missing parts or malfunctioning equipment. FM software gives technicians access to asset data and inventory systems. They can quickly look up manuals, maintenance records, warranties, and compliance specs for any asset. Inventory integration checks real-time stock levels of supplies. Technicians can request deliveries if critical parts are unavailable onsite.

By arming technicians with asset and inventory insight, issues are resolved much faster. Less time wasted tracking down information means higher wrench time spent on productive work.


Mobile Apps and Offline Access

Technicians are more efficient when they have information at their fingertips—even without internet connectivity. FM software mobile apps allow offline access to critical data like work orders, procedures, assets, inventory, and manuals. Barcode and QR code scanning can also streamline data lookup and recording. With mobile capabilities, technicians can also cut down on redundant work. Instead of waiting to return to a desktop to make any changes, mobile apps allow technicians to update or close out work orders in real-time, resulting in more streamlined workflows and better data hygiene.


Data Capture and Compliance

Entering work order updates from the field is a headache without a mobile app. FM software allows technicians to capture critical data like asset serial numbers, meter readings, parts used, checklists, and any other maintenance activity in real-time. Technicians save time by completing checklists digitally with signature capture to adhere to compliance requirements. Automatic documentation improves compliance and prevents data gaps that slow down invoicing and other activities.


Resource Planning and Scheduling

Efficient scheduling directly impacts technician utilization. FM software uses scheduling algorithms and digital boards to optimize routes, balance workloads, and prevent overbooking. Managers get a real-time view of technician locations and availability. They can quickly fill open slots when priorities shift and dispatch the nearest available resource. Technicians avoid wasted trips and focus time on completing work orders.


Analytics and Reporting

Data drives better technician management—and overall operations. FM software captures critical productivity metrics like work order cycle times, response times, parts usage, and asset uptime. Powerful analytics and custom reports spotlight opportunities to improve. Managers can dig into technicians’ work order history to identify strengths, gaps, and training needs. Sharing key metrics keeps everyone aligned on efficiency goals.


Optimizing technician operations has far-reaching benefits for facilities managers:

  • Increased wrench time and work order throughput
  • Faster response and resolution of requests
  • Decrease in equipment downtime
  • Enhanced compliance with safety, quality, and compliance protocols
  • Reduced costs through lower overtime and inventory waste
  • Higher technician job satisfaction and retention
  • Better customer service with faster response times


In summary, FM software empowers technicians to work at maximum productivity by eliminating communication barriers, manual data entry, and inefficient paper processes. Technicians can focus on high-value tasks instead of administrative work, and managers can keep technicians on track and aligned with strategic objectives. The result is an efficient, productive, and motivated technician workforce delivering higher quality service.