Jun 25, 2021
By Sarah Czarnowski

Connected Workplace: One Platform for All Your Enterprise Service Management Needs

Emerging technologies and digital transformation have taken hold across many organizations—life sciences companies included. Siloes are coming down between departments, and having the right tech stack is critical for facilitating collaboration and automation. Enterprise software systems are a core component of running business operations. The life sciences industry generally relies on:

  • SAP for its back office, finance, and supply chain operations
  • Veeva for its commercial operations, drug development, and quality management
  • NOW for its IT service management and workflows
  • MSFT Power Platform to enable office productivity and collaboration

While these enterprise systems are widely adopted in their respective functional areas, workplace, facilities, and maintenance teams have continued to rely on point solutions and paper-based systems. But that doesn’t need to be the case. You can now combine the benefits of an Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system and Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) to help your teams manage all GxP and non-GxP equipment and facilities with a single cloud solution. We call it Nuvolo Connected Workplace for Life Sciences. When using this solution, which is built on the NOW™ platform, your research, development, and management teams can accelerate accurate research and high-quality, compliant manufacturing in a safe, secure workplace.

Read on to learn how you can leverage and extend the features of your existing enterprise platforms to manage your workplace needs.

One Integrated Solution

Replace your individual point solutions with one connected solution. One shared system means one source of truth, which allows teams to work smarter and more efficiently. Managing facilities and all that it encompasses—onboarding assets, maintenance, calibration, equipment, inventory, activity history, and more—rarely falls on one team or person. Instead, it’s common for an asset to be maintained by facilities, used by supply chain and workers, and purchased by finance. In some cases, IT is also involved to onboard and secure connected devices, and external service providers play a hand in maintaining equipment. By implementing one platform to report and track these activities, each team has insights into the same asset history.

Point solutions might have helped organizations walk, but now, integrated workplace management systems allow them to run. Instead of maintaining multiple sources of truth, a connected workplace solution truly brings all information under one umbrella. This single source of information streamlines workflows, ensures data accuracy, and provides insights and comprehensive reporting that improve business decisions. As a bonus, by consolidating your systems into one solution leveraging an existing enterprise platform, you inherently cut costs, too.

Mobile-Based Technology

A native mobile application provides the best user experience with a connected workplace solution. Because lab and field service technicians are constantly on the go in the field, having access to a mobile app streamlines their day-to-day work immensely. Technicians no longer need to return to a stationary desktop between tasks or lug a heavy laptop around with their other equipment. Instead, they can quickly and efficiently use a mobile app to enter and track service requests, while also making sure service records are kept up to date (even in places without connectivity). This reduces redundant paperwork, minimizes inaccurate data entry, and fits seamlessly into your technicians’ work schedules.

Companies still using on-premises solutions are hindering their overall business performance. Beyond slowing down important maintenance work, on-premises solutions require manual on-site updates that can be costly and time-consuming.

Foundational User Experience

A connected workplace platform should be built around the user experience. Technology is second nature to nearly the entire workforce, and systems that look (and act) like they were built for Windows 98 just don’t cut it anymore. Good software should make employees’ work easier—not harder. User-friendly solutions increase productivity and boost employee satisfaction. With intuitive design and workflows, employees can spend more time doing their actual work versus troubleshooting software issues, resulting in higher productivity.

Legacy systems rarely connect users (those requesting work to be done) and fulfillers (those doing the work). With the right connected workplace solution, users can make a request, check the status of the request, and receive notifications on any device. Fulfillers can balance their workloads and easily follow workflows to complete requested activities. The right platform also empowers you with data—because all your facilities management data is in one place, reporting should be a breeze.

Self-Serve Configurability

Modern connected workplace platforms should be easy to configure. Your company is unique and has its own work processes—your connected workplace solution should easily accommodate your workflows and allow you to adapt to any necessary changes. Instead of waiting months and spending thousands of dollars to outsource changes, you should be able to easily make both simple and advanced changes using a click to configure architecture. At the same time, working with a connected workplace solution tailored to your industry is critical, in that it can provide you with best practices, while also accommodating your personalized configurations. The ultimate goal is to have a solution that informs industry standards, based on experience and client input, while also reducing configuration burdens and easing upgrade and maintenance processes.

Nuvolo Connected Workplace for Life Sciences Addresses All of These (and More!)  

These attributes are foundational to the Connected Workplace for Life Sciences. We consolidate all of your GxP and non-GxP operations, facilities, and assets in one solution, enabling your employees to do their best work. It also includes a compliance pack, which can save your team over 600 hours, accelerating internal validation. Nuvolo Connected Workplace is your next-generation CMMS, EAM, and IWMS connected platform that enables you to digitally transform your business.

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